Dear Fuston,
You are very constructive and direct in your solution to problems presented to you by some of your readers.
I am 20 years old, an undergraduate of Ebonyi State University, an up-coming Nigeria Artiste and a model.
I can confidently confess that God blessed me with the features of a beautiful woman I am endowed with the necessary curves and figures and face that is a beauty to behold.
Many film producers besiege me with offers of acting nude and also some Advert Agents call  me and promise huge amount of money to pose nude for public photographs.


As I write to you now there is one Agent that has offered to pay a mouting watering sum and has been consistently calling me to know what my decision to his offer is.
Some of my friends have been urging me to take up the offer, since it will change my life in the positive direction.
Some of my friends also advised me not accept the contract, some said it is prostitution while others said it will smear my image.
I am thinking it is about my career and like one of the producers said it will shoot up my career and enhance my opportunity of getting roles beside making me rich.
What my Parents will say has been my greatest worry, especially my father.
I need this money to assist my self in getting good education and also helping my parents in the training of my younger siblings.
I seek your help in this matter because I am skeptical and some of my good friends have expressed some sceptism about the offer, what I do not know is if they are discouraging me out of envy and that’s why I decided to know from an honest and dispassionate person like you.
Do I move on with this life uplifting opportunity or turn it down? I need your advice urgently.
Tracy Babe

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Dear Tracy Babe
Let me begin by telling you that an orange cannot be rotten and at the same time good for consumption. That is to say that you cannot be bad and good at the same time.
You are faced between uplifting your life, embracing your career and tarnishing your integrity as a young girl.
Accepting no to stain your integrity I think will help you a great deal, both now and in the future. That wealth or huge money that will bring shame unto you in my view should be jettisoned.
Many renowned artistes didn’t take to nudity to attain fame and wealth, you can come to limelight and can also attract riches to yourself by being dedicated, skillful and creative in your chosen career, nudity will dim your chances of being the best in your field and can only potray you as lewd and amorous.
Those friends of your prodding or goading you to accept the offer are depraved and should not be kept as friends, stay away from such friends and cling tenaciously to those protecting you from an impending shame and regret.
Your womanhood is your private and biggest treasure and must be protected with every sense of dignity and honour.
You should not because of money let the public feast on what is naturally and morally meant to be your private.
No right thinking father would want to see his lovely daughter pose nude in the public glare, so if you must protect the image of your family, then you must not accept this dangerous offer.
God hates nudity, our society detaste it, do not show yourself a willing fool for the use of some evil minded people that parade as producers of film and advert agents.
Beware and Bewarned.