As music continues to make wave in Nigeria, Imo State is not left out as artists spring up by the day. The question asked here is how many have been able to make it/hold onto it.


 A name has rang a bell in the past and is back to continue in the ding dong business. Even when most us barely know her, the truth still remains that Chioma Nduka a.k.a Sparkle is back to the music  world, vowing to take it forward from where she stopped before her brief break.

 In this interview with O’town Gist’s Ugochi Oparanozie, Sparkle defended her break in music, revealing the game plan that will sustain her return.




 I’m Chioma Nduka, my stage name is Sparkle so am popularly known as Sparkle.

 Are you a student?

 Not really, I graduated from Imo State University two years age, where I studied Food Science and Technology and yet to go for my NYSC although I’m expecting to do that by June this year.

 Looking at your course of study, how have you been able to combine FST with music?


 Well, (laughs) everybody male or female, young or old is talented in his/her own way and I believe it’s a blessing from God.

 Sometimes we go by our parents’ wishes or what our friends want us to do, other times we’ll like to please ourselves and the people around us because we love them. I’ve always been a music person since I was a kid, I’ve always loved music, I’ve always been singing in some places personally and in some gospel shows like the Experience. Music is my thing and I’m into it.

 I learnt you took a break and now you are back. Why the break?

 Yes, I had to take the break to clear myself from school but am back now.

 When did you take the break?

 That was two years ago when I was in my finals.

 So, why come back?

 Am coming back because music is my thing, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I can’t do without music because it’s in me. Even when I don’t want to come back, something keeps pulling me back. So it’s something I have to do.

 Changes since your break

 There has been a little change.

 Before the break, I wasn’t really concentrating and it’s not that music left me, but because music needs time especially for vocal training, singing and other things that go with it.

 I’m coming back to music with full determination to make it, more prepared than I used to be before the break.

 What has changed in your physique?

 (Laughs) The only constant thing is change and I know that I changed I bit.

 Anything new in your style of music

 I have a brand new vision this time. Then I was doing pure gospel, but now I’ve decided to expand my horizon to give people what they really want to hear.

 Would you call that more experience?

 Yes, considering the fact that I’ve been in town and I’ve not been going out. I now know the latest trends in music, and I know that I have got what people want.

Can you cope with the current competition in the industry?

 When talent is involved, I don’t see it as a competition because I know that there are lots of artistes in Nigeria and it will all depend on what every individual has to offer to the public. You cannot give what you don’t have, music is in me and all I have to do is just to let it out and it will start flowing.

 What are your chances of making it in the industry?

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 (Laughs) There are lots of artistes in Owerri, but all I need is quality, vision, being able to identify what I want and finding how to achieve it.

 I’ve been relaxing before, but this time, there will be nothing like relaxation, I’m out to work until I achieve my goal.

 Any album soon?

 Right now I am working on something and by March 26, which is my birthday, my return will be announced with a brand new single. All everyone should do is wait for it.

 Did you feature any artists in the single?

 No, just me

 Who will be the producer of the single

 It will be produced by Aizbag

 As a young, beautiful and talented lady, how do you mix with male fans?

 (Laughs) As a lady in an industry like this, you can’t say there are no such things but there will always be a way to cope. I have mine but am not going to mention it.

 How does your family feel about you and music?

 They don’t really find it funny. My dad wanted me to study medicine. I believe with time they will accept it someday.

 Back to the single, why did you choose your birthday to launch that single?

 Well, it’s a special day in my life and a lot of people have really helped me in so many ways and I want to appreciate someone special to me with the song.

 Who is the special one?

 (Laughs) No name for now.

 Any gender?


 (Laughs) No name, no gender

 Can you give us one or two lines from this song?

 Well, I just wrote some days back. I’ve not gotten familiar with the lines

 Is this a love song?


 Are you signed to any record label?

 Yes, am working with Maxima Entertainment.

 If a bigger label comes and says they want Sparkle what will you do?

 It depends on what they have to offer but I think I will know what to do when the time comes.

 You were doing gospel before and you are back with something so different from gospel, especially the love song that will be dedicating to someone special on your birthday. Why the switch?

 I think you are wrong on that because a love song is not a secular song. Love is from God, so saying that I switched from gospel to love song is wrong.


But hip-hop, R&B, and reality songs are miles away from gospel

 (Laughs) There is no switch please! It’s just that I’m trying to be versatile, I don’t want to be on a specific genre.

What kind of artistes are you?

 I do gospel and R&B and whenever I release an album, it will contain every kind of music that I do including the reality songs.

 Your role model

 I’ve always listened to Adele and Whitney Houston they inspire me a lot.

 As an entertainer, will you do only music?


 With your physique, won’t you someday go into modeling?

 For now, it’s music but I will surely know what to do when the time comes.

 If the special one should propose on your birthday!

 The truth is I have never thought of that, all I know is that I’m just hooked with music, at the right time, I’ll know that to do.

 For the curious fans out there, when should they expect your album?

 By the end of this year, there should be an album, but am not so sure.

 What do you have for the sparkle fans out there?

 What I have for them is lots of love, good music that will make them happy because everybody deserves to be happy.