Dear Fuston,
My world is crumbling on my head, I can’t think straight, sometimes I feel like running into a bush or a lonely place where no one will catch a glimpse of me.
I have bee suffering in silence and have trying to find peace, I stumbled on your column on-line, I felt relief can came if I pour my heart to you.
I have known this social mother and her daughter, my girl friend for an upward of 18 months. Immediately we became friends her daughter after one week took me to her mum and that was how the relationship with mother and daughter began.


I was so close to my girl friend and her mum to the extent that I can go to their house to eat and sleep at will. We never had sex but we were very good friends.
My girl friend is pretty and younger than her mum, but the truth is that the mum is prettier, more than sociable and bubbling.
This single mother is 41 years and her daughter will be 23 years by July this year, but one hardly believes that she is the mother, she appears like her daughter’s immediate elder sister, very vivacious and easy going.
Sometimes I use this woman’s car to run one errand or the other for her and her daughter, my being friendly with this family has been very eventful.
I have been admiring the woman’s beauty, her good sense of dress and her youthful look, but I have never thought of going to bed with her, not even for once.
My love is for the daughter, and I had and still have the intentions of walking the aisle with her someday.
The very problem bedeviling me now is not, I had sex with the mother of my lover and the woman after a day of the act told her daughter who is very dear to her.
My girl has confronted me with this betrayal and is deeply enraged with me.
I am finding it hard to forgive myself of this wrong doing. Like I told you, I did not plan to do it, she did nothing before the act to lure me, but that day I can’t say exactly how it happened.
We were playing a game that has a standing rule where the loser is blind folded and he/she picks a paper from a basket and whatever that is written on the paper will be binding on the winner to carry out such thing on the loser.
I won the game and blind folded her, and she picked a paper with the instruction that I should touch her nipples.
Unfortunately, my girl friend, her daughter was in school, and it was while I was waiting for her to return that the mother came up with the idea of our playing game.
The touching was the genesis of the whole act which I actually regretted even before my girl confronted me with it.
Mother and child have made up, but my problem is that the girl I love with all my heart does not want me near her anymore.
What do I do immediately to remedy this situation I love this girl more than tongues could tell and is willing to do anything to win back her love.
Please help me.
Joshua from Warri

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Dear Joshua,
I am happy for one thing, and that is that you have realized that your sexual intercourse with the mother of your girl friend is inimical to your relationship with this young girl, your act is hurtful.
It worries me that you threw caution to the winds by allowing yourself to lie sexually with a woman who gave birth to the girl you intended to marry.
I am believing that you were carried away by this woman’s youthfulness and beauty, and so one cannot be wrong to say that you lusted after her.
Why would you go into a game that has such rules, especially at a time that you are alone with this pretty single mother.
She didn’t force you into this illicit sex, and so you were overtaken by your own lust.
You did not exhibit enough wisdom, because sex does not happen by accident and so you should have known that the woman in question is loose is capable of seducing any man that arouse her interest.
You also came too close and that was why you gave in to this wanton desire, you still can be friendly with this school girl you claim to love without going to sleep in their house.
In my view, you have lost this girl, and there won’t be any need demanding for a cake you have already consumed.
Would you have accepted this girl if she is the one that slept with your father while dating you? From what perspective will this girl continue to see you bearing in mind the enormity of the wrong you committed against her.
Don’t you know that she will always treat you with distrust, and won’t let you  come near her mother again.
The best is to forget about her and try to move on, you messed up the whole thing.
Always learn to put under control your lust and desires to take the wrong step, you should be thorough and not allow yourself be tossed to and fro by every passion and desire.
Stop bemoaning, come out of your conceived solitude and make good use of your time, don’t let your world crumble on you, try and do the right thing from now and always, definitely you will see yourself bounce back to life in happiness.
Wishing you the best.