Dear Bro Fuston,
My parents will kill me if they know that I am pregnant at this time. My choir members will be disappointed in me for this disgrace on the church.
I have considered abortion, but the doctor I went to told me it’s not an option. I am scared of it too.
My friend in the hostel has asked if she could arrange for a place where I will stay till my EDD comes, but my worry is the bill to be paid and what will become of me and the baby after delivery.

My boy friend who got me pregnant is a fellow student and cannot do anything as it stands to help in this case.
I am a 100 level History student while he is 200 level Political Science student.
The pregnancy from what the doctor said is about three months now. It has not shown on me because of my slim frame. I want to know the best thing to do in this circumstance.
Note: Reply via my email please.


Dear Agnes,
It is a pity, I will treat your mail for others like you to learn from you.
I am sure you can now see the enormity of shame and ridicule you have brought upon yourself and by extension, your family and your church.
You cannot feign ignorance of the fact that sex is exclusively preserved for married people.
Now you can attest to the saying that he who fetches an ant-infested wood must be ready to welcome a community of lizards.
You were sent to school by your parents to study. Period!
Well, let me not bore you with blames, but one sure thing is that the timing for this pregnancy is bad and because it was not planned for, it may set you back in your studies.
Abortion is out of the way because you maybe having in your womb now the future president of Nigeria or a future leader in our country and continent. Above all, abortion is outlawed by God.
Definitely you must speak to your parents and the time to speak to them is now. The mistake has been made and they must understand that solution should be sought for at this time.
Being pregnant as a student or out of wedlock, though condemnable is not the end of you as a woman.
You can still be what you want to be if only you can manage the situation well and not indulge in it again.
Your mum and dad are the best persons you can speak to, they may not be happy at this wrong step of yours but they are to show you love and care at this time. It is also in their hands to fashion out ways that will bring the parents of the boy responsible for your pregnancy on how to take care of you and the unborn baby.
If things are properly worked out between the two families, this will assist you in no small measure.
Speak to your mother now, women have a way of breaking such sad news to their husbands and also know how to calm down their men in such situation. Speak, speak out and quickly too.
Take care and from now avoid illicit sex.

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