By Flavian Igbokwe

1 And on that day when the Super Eagles had gathered in the burning bush against the Ethiopians of the eastern Desert, Keshi, the leader of the delegates gave directions to the people, but they listened not. 2 And Keshi knowing what awaited him at Abuja knelt down in his heart and cried unto the heaven saying “My God, my God, please do not forsake me, give me only one chance.”


3 As soon as he spoke those words, the Lord heard his cry, and the Holy Spirit descended on the burning bush in the south of Africa where the men had gathered and said to Moses the Son of Victor, “Moses, go yea forth into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians.”
4 And Moses hearkened unto the voice of the lord and ran into the 18 yard box of the Ethiopians. and behold, a defender of the Ethiopian Army brought him down and caused a penalty.
5 And when this had happened, Keshi knew that the lord had heard his prayers and used Moses to cause a big scare for the Ethiopians. So he beckoned unto Moses to open his ears to the voice of the spirit and heed the commandments of the lord.
6 And the spirit came unto Moses again, saying “Moses, play ye the ball into the left corner of the Ethiopian net. And when Moses had done this, the Eagles recorded their first goal in the burning bush.
7 And the spirit drove Moses into the 18 yard box again and caused another great scare in
the defence of the Ethiopians which made the keeper of the Ethiopian army attack him unwisely and got a red card from the Morocan Judge of the southern Court.
8 When this had happened, the people could see the hand of God on Moses. And Keshi knowing the way of the spirit, said unto Moses “because the lord had used you to deliver the people of Nigeria out of the hands of the deadly Ethiopians, you shall go forth again and take the penalty.
9 Thus, as the lord would have it, Moses brought down the Armies of the Ethiopians by placing the ball beyond the reach of the make-shift goal keeper who the Ethiopians had brought against him.
10 And when Mikel the son of Obi saw this things, he became jealous and said in his heart “see this small boy, for him mind, e go dey think say him play pass me now because say e score 2 penalty and I miss 1. I go soon do ham watin drogba do Torres. Then him eye go clear.”
11 And when the draws were made, it was said that the Super Eagles of Nigeria would go to war again with the Elephantz of Ivory coast, where Drogba the son of Didier was captain
12 When Keshi the son of Stephen heard these words, he cried unto heaven and said “My God, My God, Why has thou forsaken me? For he knew that the defeat would be mighty,Β  else the lord send a Prophe

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