Dear MTN Nigeria,

How are you and your family? I picked my pen from the ocean of fury to write this letter to you.
We were all full of joy upon your arrival in this country ten years ago, when Obasanjo told us that you came that we might make calls and make them more abundantly. We all left govt owned tele-companies and followed you.
As days went into weeks and weeks into months then to years, you brought out your real colours to us, you even told us to leave GLO that is being owned by some of our corrupt govt officials.
At a time we couldn’t differentiate between you and BABA IJEBU because you kept telling us to recharge only 200 naira and win recharge cards. From recharge cards you went to mobile phones, mobile phones to electronics, electronics to 1million, 1million to cars, the one that annoyed us most is that you told us to recharge only 200naira and win AEROPLANE, hei!!!! SCAM! EFCC!


Some of your kinsmen came to our aid; Etisalat, visafone, starcomms, rainbownet but out of your greed and jealousy you chased some of them with promises of free credits and free browsing.
Yes, you gave us credits and free browsing, but it was like giving us shoes and taking the feet from us (like our president) because you couldn’t upgrade your server to carry these.
NCC mandated you to stop all promos and upgrade your systems, you heeded to the instructions but not up to a reasonable time. You are back again with free credits and sms which we didn’t ask of you.
Sometimes we will hussle to load N200 only to see that u have scrapped all the money away without even making a single call… this is WItcHCRAFT on ur part!
Abi una tink say e easy to get N200 for dis country! And your customer care will be sayin. “Thank u for choosing mTN.”

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I and my brethren are pleading
with you to suspend every promo you have for us this yuletide and focus more on the upgrading of your systems.

And please help us extend this plea to your kinsmen;

Signed in annoyance!
Dr Parotlaff.