Uh!…go tuff!! istate of mind,this’s ur boy LMG last man grinding…I welcome ya’ll to my mixtape disinfectant…this’s for all my dawgs making fire under rainfall…our speed gat no limit,let’s fight for the baseline…strange story..matter of fact I got ma nigga Still Bill, U.Games on this one, General Sleezy, Somik, Curtis! Hit me!!


 (Verse 1)
I pledge to my hustle,never give UP cos the sky don’t take,I don’t fake
chasing papers till Sanusi gives me a hand shake
right from my infancy I no dey drink panadole”dull”,
Guy hope ur head dey there, no dey wait for manna fall
Hard times I feel, many tricks I see
 life is a classroom nobody go like carry last,
I do this for ’em street urchens, ghetto kids, slummy asses, masses we moving fast than flashes as each day passes!!
M’ na agba mbo aaah..nwoke ezu ike ee,this jungle wey we dey so nwoke na ife ee, been long I’v been hustling in the street still dey beg oluwa money ka fa mala na m’ so na ife ana alu,gba mbo(2x)….

(Verse 2)
 I refuse to lose cos I no be shoe lace, check my new face,
the new pace bucking the suit case
Game dey reshuffle Galla hawker fit push Rolls-Royce, cold toys!
We don tey for this game na we be the old boys
if owu blow u guy u go get sense
I dey hustle wit mosquitos for night coming back gate lucked up I jump fence no be nonsense,
comot Tiwa u go know say life is soo Savage
I still dey choke my head make my name dey for their mouth like their favourite adage!!
Oga mek we hear word, say we dey work for you no mean say we no go fit make am
 life na pass me I pass, u jeje we go score like Beckham
take am, street boy wey dey find him way no mean say him God don forsake am
like play play we go shake am
hustling hard to add my life autotune,
try to get distinguished like Don Jazzy’s  baritone,
We reaping it very soon
I no go ever stop for my traffic I no dey see red light,
abe u go like carry apollo..? Olo!!

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(Verse 3)
this game tough as an up coming top artiste go jonse u’that’s normal
one day na u go still jonse them’that’s formal’
Bad belle people tryina pull me down buh me say never ever
for ever clever
fast like demi semi quever!!
Anaghi eji ututu ama afia ojoo
nwanne mulu anya the street is so hardcore
I no dey sleep I no be cousine to eutucus,
I lord rhal all zedicus we on competition how long can u throw the discus..I’m never backward like yo chick ass,I still dey front like yo chick boobs
matching 4ward like war troops
who know who go be the next king tomorrow
mek u no try pass your fellow man gallop mek u no enter hollow
this goes to all my dawgs from naija to yankee who’ve been keeping it too gbanski,
no set up no hanky panky
We dey top ranking
buh in wat ever u do,
Half bread better pass hunger wey lanky!!



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