The ‘ihe gala futuwa afutawa crooner, Acharaman will not be finding the comments his recent single ‘Nwa Mbaise’ is generating on the streets funny.
The Mbaise born artiste December last year released ‘Nwa Mbaise’ which people compared to the days of Oliver De Coque and Chief Osita Osadebe, whom despite their talents, were more of praise singers.
Although he is known as a rapper, Acharaman who sang in that track, tried to thrill his fans with a fusion of hip-hop and highlife in one beat to yield a song every son of Mbaise will be proud to play.


The song which technically received accolades was far from the expectations of the fans that were probably waiting to see a club banker from the Country Five artiste.
One of the fans who sent his view through an email to said “I hope Acharaman is not missing his track because I was expecting a yuletide club banger, all for him to drop Nwa Mbaise. it’s a good song anyway, but I don’t think fans like me want that. He should never turn to a praise singer, he is a rapper”
Another wrote “I hope frustration is not the reason for what Acharaman is doing, the song has a good beat and melody, but I want to go down low on his track  and he didn’t give me that”
Responding, Acharaman said, “I just felt like doing something different from what I’m known for. I am a multi talented guy and can’t just let other talents in me waste because I want to be a rapper, it must not be rap all the time. I’m neither frustrated nor a praise singer like they are saying, I’m just a versatile artistes who is doing music the way it ought to be done”
Nwambaise was a popular demand in Mbaise during the yuletides and Acharaman will be capitalizing on the success at home to set off for further glories outside.

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