Hi Bro. Fuston,


Your desire to solve relationship problems is a welcome development, may God increase your wisdom.

Can I leave this beautiful, well-brought up girl friend of mine because of her bad step.

I have been looking for a good girl to marry for over two years now. The ladies I have been meeting are not what I actually want for a wife. It’s either their attitude is bad or they are ugly, the last one is demanding and can barely cook a good meal.

For about two months now I have been seeing this intelligent and well behaved girl, who is from a Christian home. I like her so much but there is something I detest about her and that is the manner she walks.


I am not exaggarating, she walks like a baboon because of her leg and this tends to mar her facial beauty.

Apart from her step which I don’t like every other thing about her is special.

I cannot boldly walk shoulder high with her on the streets.

I want to know if it is advisable to go ahead and propose to her? What’s your take please?

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James in Omoku



Dear James

The beauty of a woman is centered on her behaviour and not on the way she walks.

Marriage is an institution that requires happiness and I will make bold to inform you that good attitude from the two partners will guarantee happiness in marriage.

Physical beauty might fade, but the internal beauty hardly dies. It is often difficult to see a man or woman that has all the qualities.

Find out, there may be something about you which a woman may not like. Since her good qualities are more than her manner of walking I suggest you go ahead and make her your wife.

You can get a good tailor who will take time to make clothes that will hide her bad step. The decision is your own, but because she is well behaved and has the fear of God I encourage you to always focus on these good aspects of her and before you know it you will not remember again that she walks like baboon.

Have a good weekend.