Good morning Bro Fuston,


Kindly assist me settle my predicament. I have known this guy whose father is a rich dude and a popular oil magnate in Lagos for upward of two years now.

Our romance has been very eventful and fulfilling. He saw me in the campus one bright afternoon when he came with some of his friends to visit his younger sister in the same university with me. He walked up to me and begged me to be his friend but I refused, because of his hair-style and boyish looks. He requested for my telephone numbers and I also did not give my numbers to him. But to my surprise, he detailed one of the guys that came with him to meet to ensure he gets my numbers. Of course, the guy succeeded in grabbing my telephone numbers through a lady course-mate.

Two days later, I was surprised when my phone rang and when I enquired to know who was on the line he introduced himself, at first I did not recognize who was speaking to me, but when I eventually did, I asked him how he got my numbers; he told me that he postponed his trip to his base in Lagos only to get my numbers. That answer actually startled me, and my curiosity to know why he had to suspend his trip and business merely to have my phone numbers became the contact point.

I began visiting this guy in Lagos from Owerri and sometimes he comes to Owerri. I was doing this mainly because I had a serious issue with my lover then and needed to move on with another man in order to overcome the depression I was having when it seemed as if I have lost my heart.


I never liked this guy in the first year of our relationship notwithstanding his generosity. I was only tolerating him because I have no other affair and also was getting almost everything I needed from him. Later he started dropping some of the attitudes I disliked about him and I began developing soft spot for him.

He bought a RAV4 baby jeep for me when he noticed that I was doing some new things to impress him. I have been using this car for about six months now. Trouble started when my boy-friend, the one I love with all my heart reconciled with me and I told Chike, the guy that bought a car for me that I cannot continue with him because I am back with the love of my life. He has been threatening fire and brimstone, the latest is that I should return the car to his family house in Owerri, else he will deal with me ruthlessly.

The documents of the vehicle are made in my name, besides he had enjoyed my womanhood without let or hindrance.

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My mother is aware of the whole saga now and has advised me to return the car, but my elder sister and my best friend are advising me not to return the car since it was a gift from him.

The truth is that I love my man more than him and cannot compromise my happiness because of him. My worry at this moment is, if it will be a good idea to send back the car or keep it? Again what will people that know me as the owner of car say? Help me.


Jenny from Owerri.


Dear Jenny,

I am surprised that you could allow the use of your body without let or hindrance to a man that is not married to you. You should be ashamed of this act.

You appear to me like one that is materialistic and if my suspicion is correct, then you need a transformation of your mind, because this attitude will lead you into danger.

Materialism has an element of greed and greed often leads one to the precipice.

You don’t love a man but you love his generosity and so pretend to have loved him only to rip him off.

I will not support you to stay where your heart is not but will encourage you to remain where your heart belongs.

You took a bold step by informing this guy Chike that you have reconciled with your true love and therefore cannot continue with him. But the truth here is that you may not be right to use another’s goodwill to oil a different relationship, especially when the person is alive and still loves you.

Some individuals can go extra miles in pursuing a cause, and that is why you hear of lover bathing a lover with acid or sending assassins to another.

Your life is not tied to that car, so my suggestion is that you return the car to the guy.

Yes, he gave the car to you when the going was good, now the relationship has gone sour and if you must enjoy peace, I mean absolute peace in your cherished affair, then that car must be sent back to the guy.

Your mother knows better than your elder sister and your best friend and that is why the good book warned children to obey their father and mother and not one’s elder sister or best friend.

Obedience to your mother in this regard will attract to you the reward of long life and things being well with you.

In contrast, disobedience will lead to regrets.

Don’t always be troubled about what people will say but you should always be mindful of what God and your conscience say regarding any action.

Do the right thing now for peace to reign by returning the car now.