Dear Bro Fuston,


I am a 21 year-old lady, and I have not had sex before. There is this guy I have been going out with for about six months. He is a gentle man because he is always in control of his emotions each time we stay together.

He has love and respect for me and I equally love and respect him. I am usually happy in his company, he treats me like a lady and also very fond of me.

He has been requesting sex from me, but I have always told him that I will only do it when I get married, but because of the gentle pressure he gives me and the respect he has for me, I have told him to wait until after two years for us to enjoy together, but he has been seriously begging me to let him have it.

The other time he knelt down and begged me to allow him to kiss me at least but I refused.


He is just good to me and this is beginning to make me feel guilty.

Do I stick to my two years’ promise or grant him this request since I love him?

Precious is my name and I reside in Owerri.


Dear Precious,

It is good to hear that at 21 years you have not had sex. This is encouraging and I must urge you to continue in this noble life style and not compromise no matter the level of pressure.

Sex before marriage is prohibited by God, so you have even made a mistake by promising your so-called gentleman your body after two years of your relationship. Unless he becomes your legally married husband after two years, he has no right to your body and you will be going against God’s law when you oblige him your most cherished virtue.

What if he deflowers you now and runs away? If he indeed loves and respects you like you made me to believe he should be patient until you two are united in marriage.

Don’t ever take serious or listen to any man that begs you for sex in the name of loving you. You are a good example to other youths and so should not smear yourself at this time.

Endeavour to keep yourself intact for your would-be husband and I assure you that you will have greater respect and happiness.

Fornication of any kind is abomination before God and must not be torched with a 10-metre pole.

Stay away from that guy that wants to have sex with you before marriage. He is out to ruin you if you are not careful.

If he must have sex with you, let him meet your people and complete the rites of marriage.

Take care and happy weekend.