Dear Bro Fuston,
I write to you in respect of my relationship with a lady I just met not quite seven months ago.
She is only twenty four years old but she is so desperate and determined to marry.
From my growing up days, I have come to notice or believe that desperation in anything often leads to a complete regret at last.


This lady cannot say ten words without mentioning marriage. She talks about marriage as if it is the gate way to heaven, and make it appear as if any lady at the age of twenty three that is not married loses herself worth and dignity.
I am in search of a well behaved young girl to marry and she meets my standard of a good girl, but her attitude towards getting married now or never is the only fear I have. Do you advice me to go ahead and propose her? Don’t you think she maybe covering some of her ills only for her to get married tomorrow and turn to a lioness in her husband’s home?
I am John 29 from Akabor in Oguta LGA.

Dear John,
A leopard cannot change its spots, if you think you have observed her enough for six months and believes that she meets your standard of a wife then go ahead and propose to her if you think she is covering some aspects of her life, then take more time to find out that.
Don’t let her stampede you into what you may regret tomorrow.
I also think that desperation in this regard is out of place. She is twenty four and as such very mature for marriage. In my local parlance, we say when a breadfruit is mature enough it falls on its own. For the lady to acknowledge that she is mature for marriage, means she is ready to go into that institution.
Don’t be scared, you can still watch her to know if she is actually ready to settle down and if you discover that she is swinging into immediately.
Let me inform you that 85% of such women from my observation make better wives, more that those that never thought of marriage before stepping into it.
Observe her attitude that is the most important thing you should do. Goodluck