Like other Prince Chima Ewurum, most of the traditional Igbo gospel artistes have chosen to add ‘Prince’ to their names with the belief that they are all children of the King, God Almighty.


According to the Okwelle, Onuimo LGA, born artistes, gospel artistes are ministers and own a great part of the responsibility to propagate the gospel of the Kingdom of God and thus are Princes who must be taking serious in the industry.


In this interview with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, Chima explains the things that make up a gospel artiste and the things that should not be seen around him as well.



Copying others to be a Prince

I don’t think I am copying anyone by adding Prince to my name. I want to be like Christ and no one else. I am a son of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. If I didn’t copy anyone by being the son of God, I don’t think I copied anyone by being a Prince.

Gospel artistes in Imo State

Gospel music in the state is poor at the moment, only few people are into it and a liitle fraction of that few are serious with it. This is because most of them get into it for the wrong reason. Some are here for money and they are not seeing it, others are in for fame and haven’t found it still, but I still believe that those with the calling in the industry are doing well and have always remained steadfast in their music.


Way forward

Many are called into the gospel music industry, but only few are chosen.

Only the chosen ones can redeem the industry here. if they keep working hard in what they do, their announcement will surely announce their location to the whole world and that will be their break through and moment of redemption for the industry.

You and gospel music

The talent God has bestowed on me has brought me here so far. I used to be a shy person, I can neither speak nor sing in the public, but that talent built my confidence and here am I now.

I started with the choir, from there to the band where I still belong and serving God in those capacities really helped me. The blessings from God in return is the confidence and improvement in my music.

So far, music has taken me places, I have met and dined with people that it wouldn’t be easy for me to meet ordinarily.

Artistes mixing gospel and Hip-hop

I don’t believe in criticism, but if anyone is joking with the worship of God almighty, I believe that God will fight for Himself. You can call it hip-hop gospel and whatever genre anyone can create for it, what matters most is the message in the music.

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Every artistes should always try not to incur the wrath of God with their lyrics.

Most gospel artistes don’t practice what they preach

Like I said before, I don’t criticize people, and the bible says that by strength shall no man prevail so I am not the judge rather God is. I work on myself every day, asking God the grace to practice what I preach, for it is by grace that we will be save and not of works.

Gospel artistes and homsexualism

I am not also in the position to make a case here, but God who sees everything we do will surely handle it himself. Any gospel artiste who still indulges in homosexualism is calling for the wrath of God.

If you ask me if I have seen, I’ll say that if I see, I don’t talk. I only pray and so that if they don’t get out of it and still minister in churches and programs, the wrath of God will come upon them.

But I’m never surprised when I see and hear about these things in the world today because it is end time and the bible recorded that these things will surely happen.

Homosexualism is here in the industry and not only here but also in every corner of the world.

Your current work

I have an album (audio and video) on sale titled ‘Machukwu diri anyi’ Divine Praise. To me it is Divine Praise one because the two will be the next thing.

I have other songs that I am working on and it keeps going like that.

I am currently promoting the album, because I want it to reach farthest distance it can get.

What is different

I have a different approach to my music and promotions, I am using the internet via social media network, and other channels. I’m trying not to be only an event artiste like people will see most gospel artistes. I have other packages that will be seen when I unveil them.

In 5 years time

By the grace of God, I hope to be on top, that place you already know I want to be.

Personal life

I am currently a single man, but that won’t be long because on the 20th of this month, I will quit bachelorhood.

I’ll be getting married to my lovely fiancée, Frances Echefu and right now it is one of the most beautiful things I am looking forward to happening to me.

A scene from Prince Chima’s video shot