Don’t just tell me Nigeria,
Don’t tell me he’s 52, my dad once clocked that too,
Never mention the celebration!
For the wines of the MASTERS still flow in our veins,
Don’t say it’s good news!
My guess is you’re on a wrong channel.


This is a Monday, I pray it’s never a mourning day,
Remember those Sundays, with smoke up like a ball,
When men feared to worship,
Because no warship guards their dock.
Don’t tell me Nigeria,
Count the lives that have gone with flames.

The sick woman can still sing, ‘Nigeria’s call obey’!
Does she know you spent her bills, on white shoes and suits?
Don’t tell me Nigeria,
We know she is blessed,
Her hair attracts the whites,
Yet we kill for Brazil.

Please ask me Nigeria,
What’s my gender now,
A single mum with many stepsons
Or am I just a dad?
Because I fly above them to work,
Their problems are there for them.


Don’t just tell me Nigeria,
Our stories break the facts,
Leader of tomorrow are still the FATHERS,
Did you adopt the youths?
So adjust you basket oh Nigeria,
And hold back the real CHAFFS.


Don’t tell me Nigerians!
Our prayers are not meant for a day,
Pour the wine and go to work,
We have a change to make.
Let’s unite and be the strongest thing,
Please tell all the Nigerian!

Arise for a new dawn Nigeria,
You can stop the far cry I hear,
There is no East, West, North orSouth,
But one country in a map.
Don’t tell me Nigeria,
I still have my heart on you.
I have words of birthday and prayer
To show how much I care.