Ibari Ogwa Village has fulfilled the promise of being the entertainment haven during the Independence Day celebration by bringing the best of the in the industry down to Owerri.


It was a show of stars when Nollywood actress Uche Elendu walked into the show with her hubby, followed by John Okafor aka Mrs Ibu and then the Jaga Jaga Master Edris Abdukareem.


There were others like Femi of Simple Fem, Uncle O, Acharaman, 2Blac, Eva, Aifee, Aiz Bag and a host of singers, comedians, and dancers all in the building waiting to keep the stage warm till dawn.


The CEO Ibari Ogwa Village, Mr Chukwudi Ofoha, few months ago promised said “The next big thing here will be the Independence Day Celebration. We are going to celebrate it like it has never been done. With artistes like Veecko Kyngs, Edris Abdukareem, Osu Baba, Mr Ibu, Victor Osuagwu, Slow Dogg and others on my side, I believe Ibari Ogwa can pull the biggest string in town”

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He now claims that he has done it and there is no doubt that his spot remains where everything is happening.

Watch out for more pictures and stories from the event.



Nollywood’s Uche Elendu at the red carpet

2Blac, Ibu, Edris and Acharaman

Aifee, Edris and Acharaman

CHukwudi Ofoha, CEO, Ibari Ogwa (2nd from right), Acharaman and others

Ibu welcomes Edris

Hardy with Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu and Edris