O’town Gist Entertainment, has rolled out plans for an online poll for female artistes in Owerri and its neighbouring cities.


According to the spokes man Francis Ndimkoha, the online competition which is the first of its kind is tagged #helloJuly O’town Gist Female Artiste of the Month, was set up to encourage the ladies in the music industry whose number is very small compared to their male counterpart.

According to him, “We want to show the world that our ladies can really sing, we want to put the few we have around on the forefront of the industry and see what happens next”



Although, no poster had been pasted around the cites, the digital images of the poster are spreading on social networking websites as well on blackberry broadcast.

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Currently there are eight contestants who entered the competition with a song each. They are drawn from Owerri, Port Harcourt and Aba with:

Cyndy O: Owerri, with the track Just move

Harmony: Owerri/Lagos, with Kokodiko

Kokomma: Owerri, with Go go


Ms Zoe: Owerri, with Super love

Porsh Kayiana: Port Harcourt, with Blackberry

Karina: Port Harcourt, with Chikorobi

LillJean: Port Harcourt, withBlood Tonic

Mz Razz: Aba/ Port Harcourt, with Marry me

There will be links to all the songs online for the public to download and decide whom to vote for. Voting will be online on www.otowngist.com alone and will start by next week while voting will run throughout the month of July.

There is excitement among some of the girls and www.otowngist.com is hoping to use this competition to know how female artistes are being appreciatedin the music industry.

Cyndy O




Porsh Kayiana

Mz Razz

Ms Zoe