Dear Bro. Fuston,
I have been regularly reading your column every Friday in Nigeria Newspoint. It is my favorite. Sometime last year you condemned the act of masturbation when advising a lady that wrote you that she masturbates. But not long ago I read in the papers where a renowned and respected man of God spoke in favour of the act. There is also something I have noticed each time I masturbate. I have this great feeling of relief from a particular grip which I can’t really explain.

For instance, there is this aunty in my compound that comes out early in the morning to fetch water down-stairs. With an attire that reveals some parts of her body that require covering, often times my mind tells me to rush her in her room but I usually lack the courage to do so. I am 21 years and she should be around 38-40 years. What I do is that each time I masturbate using her as my object of fantasy I get relieve from that grip. This has been helping me from doing any funny thing that may give me a bad name in the neighbourhood. Many of my guys indulge in masturbation, and they say it also relieves them of tension and sexual urge. Don’t you think that they pastor is being more open here than you who see nothing good about this tension relieving act? Hoping to read your reply soon.
Imo Star.


Dear Nelson,
I appreciate your courage to write expressing your feelings.
I do not want to join issues with anybody on this matter. I remember advising someone in this column to refrain from the act of masturbation based on my conviction on what is decent, pure, noble, holy, of good report etc. Masturbation is only accepted when a health worker requires the semen of a man to carry out a test. Any other purpose for masturbation outside this health ground cannot be said to be decent, holy and of good report.
This act is viewed as lack of self-control which should be a virture that must be possessed by every man. Higher animals are expected to control their sexual urge unlike the lower animals.
Masturbation is triggered off by lust and infatuation and that is why after seeing the near-naked aunty in your compound you only go in to masturbate. Jesus in Matt. 5:28 said “But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart”
You imagine this aunty naked in your arms and that is why you always fantasize about her when indulging in this wrong act. Masturbation is also self-defilement. You chase away the spirit of God occupying your body that is the temple of God making way for emptiness that can easily be occupied by the evil one. At 21 you should be a student and is expected to make your studies your pre-occupation and not lusting after naked women. When you live above lust, you hardly can be tensed sexually and would as such need no relief from masturbation or fornication itself.
Ceaseless prayers can also make you bring your body under control.
Happy weekend.