MecMen is another O’town group doing music in the USA. The duo were one of the guest artistes that performed in the Imo Got Talent Show, which was held last year in the city of Owerri.

Born as indigenes of Owerri, Meca and Menty are happy in the world they have found themselves, knowing that the only thing they owe the world is nothing but good music.


They talked about their journey so far in music as well as life and dreams around and outside music, in this little chat with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike of O’town Gist, showing how much they rep O’town anytime, any day.


Why MecMen?


We got the name by combining the first three letters of our names, Meca and Menty.

How old is MecMen

As individuals, we’ve been around doing our things, but as MecMen, we were born sometime in the summer of 2007, although we still dispute the exact date.


Menty obtained a degree in Nursing  in 2006,  while Meca obtained a Masters of Science in Analytical Chemistry in 2009. We are pretty close to the books, which is a good thing for us.


Why music

Music is our passion. We love good melody and are constantly working on something new to stay relevant in the music industry. Because we have passion for what we do, it makes us happy and that is why we’ll keep doing music till God knows when.

Why believe in music

Cause we can’t do nothing without Music. It’s a very spiritual thing to us. More like a religion than passion to us.

MecMen and the public

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It’s always difficult for the personal lives of a musician to be removed from his music, but we wish to be judged by our music, and not by the things we do off music.

We want to show our audience our versatility and lyrical ingenuity, like that; they’ll know what MecMen is all about. Good music and nothing but that.

In 10 years time

I see us ruling our empire and harnessing young and fresh talent too. That’s our vision. To make it, and to help others as well.

Your biggest contender

Marvin Records, I know crazy right… Pretty gutsy, well that’s what MecMen is all about, pushing the limits…

Musical influence

“Baba Fela”, Timaya, Akon, Kanye West and Kenan

Greatest fear

Losing a loved one

First time on stage

It was a pretty nerve racking walking on stage that day. Maybe one of the longest walks we had to take in music… However, the moment the beat dropped, all the butterflies where out the window.

Your reaction

A bit shaky at first as we where fresh on the scene, but by the second track, we had them behind us and cheering us on. It was a very rewarding and humbling experience.

The lesson learnt

Shows don’t always go as planned. Facing a live crowd can be ruthless at times but equally fulfilling. It showed us we can do this and that we definitely belong.

Other talents

Well, we both are pretty good footballers, would not say we are top of the league materials, but we enjoy competition. We also pretty good at Tennis and Basketball…