Garland that hair with turban headgear

By Chinwe Uzoechi

One fashion item you cannot take away from the feminine gender is the Headgear. From the popular Gele which is synonymous with every woman, a new trend has emerged for today’s woman; it is the Turban headgear.
History has it that turbans were mostly worn by men and it is made up from a single piece of cloth which is wrapped around the head in a wide variety of styles and it is a generally head wrap that is traditionally worn in most parts of the world. However, Turban presently has become  fashionable headgear for women.

On daily basis, fashionable statements are made and every woman of style leaves her signature where ever she is seen in the public.
Nigerian women are seen adorning stylish turbans as a form of headgear.
With ease they come up with an array of styles when tying the turban and it is always a sight to behold.
One special thing women love about turban is the fact that it can go with any attire be it traditional or formal and it will sure stand you out.
Most atimes it could be the same fabric with your outfit, but this days ladies don’t care how it comes so long as it serves them the purpose of either covering their hair because the hair is unkept  or for fashion sake; you can see a lady tying a turban that is not the same colour with her outfit, she will simply tell you it’s colour blocking’ and it is invoque.
Formal Miss Nigerian, Ene Maya is one lady that has made turban headgear a hot number one, as she is hardly seen without tying it.
Above all. turbans give the wearer a stylish and ethic, so don’t bother about what to do on that hair, you can use  TURBAN!

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