Lagos state based rapper Stephen Adah aka Seaman is worried that if nothing is done to save hip-hop in Nigeria, the country will lose it to baseless music.


Seaman made the comment ahead of the release of the first single of his ‘ILL BREED’ mixtape which is scheduled to drop soon.
He said that gone are the days when hip-hop used to make sense because nowadays, artistes are forced to do ‘funny’ songs in the name of making ‘commercial’ music.
“This is so because it is easier to promote these commercial songs. People don’t really listen to the lyrics, they don’t care if the artiste is making sense, because all they want to do is dance till the end of the track.
When it is a classical hip-hop, most people don’t have time for it, because no one wants to meditate on what he is listening to anymore” he said.
He added that the birth of his ‘ILL BREED’ mixtape will afford noncommercial rappers like him the opportunity to express themselves in the traditional hip-hop style.
“it’s a collection of songs from artistes who are not influenced by the commercial trends, people who believe that hip-hop has been abused and needs to be fixed. It is a platform for real hip-hop artistes to express themselves; like that we can effect the change we want.
Believe me, the dream is bigger than one man, that’s why I am not alone in the movement, with what we have and what we can do, I see us achieving something great in the country and beyond”.
The first single titled ‘City to City’ featured artistes from different locations of the country and beyond.
It has Seaman and Slay from Lagos State; T Twyne from Warri, Delta State;  Koboko and Elmcee from Benue State; LMG from Owerri, Imo State and Faraw from United States of America.