It has been interesting moments for artistes in the capital city of Imo State, Owerri (O’town) and as usual, I always use these interesting moments to enjoy myself with good music made in O’town.

As a kid, I thought nothing good would come from artistes around here, but listening to these guy today, is worth the time given to it.


I stayed online searching for songs, which were recently released online by O’town artistes, I got my hand on these few, and I want to talk about them.

Point and Kill by E Black Produced by Zosky
Respect Nyanya, like the young man said, but it’s a photocopy that’s better than the original. Eblack knew what he wanted and he definitely got it in this track. Kudos to Zosky and Baron


This is actually a song to make you smile, dance, and imagine, who is the mother of this guy?

Don’t get it twisted at all. This dude is talented; let us hope he makes the next review.


Form For Me – Sly Gee  Produced by Yung Roc


The truth is I do not know this guy, but I sure know this song.

Reminding me of my days as a kid, when we would stick to our black/white TV watching Chinese movies, that’s what it’s all about. This is definitely a beef song or probably a reply to something, but whatever it is, this song rocks. And who ever started this beef, I want to say, thank you for inspiring such a good track.

Credit to the artistes and the producer.


My mate by 2 Slik

My brother 2 Slik, I am definitely not your mate because I’m older than you. Lol

This dude is supposed to be in front of the computer, but he chose the microphone instead, releasing this track with great quality. Whoever he is referring should have know earlier that 2Slik is not his mate, because this track is too good to be directed to one person. I just hope I can borrow, because there are so many people I need to tell “You’re not MY MATE”

Keep it up my bro.

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Jukolo by Yung Roc Ft. Yucee Jay , Still Bill Produced by Yung Roc

Another Chinese inspired track and you will wonder if these guys are from Lagos or any Yoruba speaking state. But that’s one Nigeria for you. You can speak anything, as long as you’ll get it right.

Yung Roc as a producer, picked his best beat for this track and we hope he will catch up with the likes of J Martins.


Sherikoko  by Acharaman  ft Nonny D

Regiz has come up with this beat to prove his versatility, but the unique concept of the two artistes in the song made it something else.

Who raps in a love song song and still makes it so romantic?

Acharaman really answered this question in this track, which is also a birthday gift to the public, with his musical attacking formation, while Nonny D calmed the whole thing down like a holding midfielder. I Wish I could say more about this track, but the like of Nigga Raw, 2shotz, Ruffcoin and Slowdog will be grateful they are not walking alone in the Igbo rap business.

Acharaman, thanks for the birthday gift.


Ghetto by Kelly Hansome

The first time I listened to this track, this was my facebook update:

Who gave birth to Kelly Hansome, I believe she was supposed to deliver twins but they both came to one. I speak thus cos his talent is more than that of one young man. #Ghetto rocks

If we are to vote for king of hip-hop in Nigeria Kelly Hansome has my vote already not a single joke in my words.

This is definitely not hip-hop or is it reggae?  But I should better call it hip-reggae-hop.

Nothing has ever been downloaded like this track before and I must say thus

God bless Regiz

God bless Kelly Hansome

God bless O’town

God bless all of us.


If you want your song to appear on my next review, tag the link to the song to @hardynwa on twitter, share on O’town Gist facebook page, email the link to, or on BB with 30767836 I’ll definitely download and listen to it.

See you in the next edition