Music is an organized sound that is pleasing to the ear, thanks to my teacher back in secondary school. She took her time to draw the clefs on the black board and never cared what part of her body the charcoal from the black board was staining. She made us understand that to learn or do music, time is something we must respect. I doubted her a little, because mathematics to us was the most difficult subject, yet the teacher was never taking the kind of time she took to draw those things that will end up meaning one sound or the other.



Mathematics is always correct with the right formula, but music today can be wrong tomorrow depending on the person listening to it.

Musicians all over the world are being celebrated, they control the kind of dressing and lifestyle most people especially the youths put up nowadays and even when they do the wrong thing, most of us see those wrongs as rights, because they have been done by those we consider as idols. No wonder people say that stars are worshiped.


The quest to be in this position has really destroyed many artistes who could have been better than what they are known for today. They end up being tagged as another guy or girl that does music and when they have tried without success of any kind, they become the guy or girl that once did music.

With this mark of failure, that individual is known around his neighbourhood especially when he cannot succeed with anything else. His public reputation is failure, his believe will be that he can never make it again and that is when you see talented youths ending up as drug addicts and criminals on the street.

Some people go into music for the wrong reason. They do not want to end up as stars, but just want to be known as musicians once upon a time in their life. They sing for their phones, girlfriends, and family members. They do not care how good the song is, all they want is to do a song, transfer it to their phones, where they can share with their friends and family.

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This group of artistes cause so much distraction in the industry. Their lack of vision and ambition infects the serious ones even when they do not know. Most serious artistes cannot identify these unserious ones because they are always together at the studio.

Haste has really ruined the career of lots of would have been musicians. They hustle on the street, find cash and the next place is the studio where they do a song with just a studio session. They do not want another person to listen to the song, they do not want another mind to criticize their work, all they want is for the song to be out.


The things these artistes forget are:

No one sings and buys his songs no matter how rich he is. While creating their style, the artiste should consider the people that will buy the music. He should get some people to listen to the song, experienced and inexperienced minds, both will always have something to add.

Melody is something that makes the sense in a song, it makes a song as pleasing as it can be to the ear. Most artistes want a quick beat, and so are always ready to settle for something quick, even when it is not up to the right quality.

When the stars we know announce a single two months ahead before it drops, what does that show? It shows they respect time in music, they take their time to work on a track. Some artistes produce an album of ten tracks in a year, while at the lower level, an artiste wants to do five tracks in one month.

Why some artistes are called wack is because they refused to listen to the songs that have made hits with the right side of the mind. They only dance to it and look for something to copy from these hit tracks, instead of finding a way to raise their game.

One thing I am so sure of is that no one takes time to copy from another. Every copycat does that in a hurry.

Haste can kill the dream of an artiste and so I advice them to take their time to do a song. Get people to listen to it before they rush to radio stations and internet to get their song online.