Dear Bro. Fuston,
I am a graduate of mass communication for from one of the prestigious universities in our country Nigeria.
I am 28 years old and I tested HIV positive two years ago. I still look very beautiful and healthy because I have been religious with my drugs.
It was so burdensome on me when I first realised that I am living with HIV, at some point I contemplated suicide but I have a great mum and a wonderful brother they have shown unquantifiable love to me. It was not easy but with the help of my mum, my brother and my doctor who also is my counselor I have been able to cope with life.


As at now everything is going on fine with me but there is something I so desire which my condition has denied me, to be very sincere to you Sir, I have no love life anymore, I lost some of my close friends who knew about my HIV status.
Though, I have been caring on but I still have the inner desire of falling in love again.
Probably because of the way I feel when the opposite sex comes to me for friendship. I have never had any for sometime now. Recently I traveled out of my state to do programme in Ado Ekiti and after few months of my Sojourn there I met this nice, handsome and very jovial Yoruba guy who from every indication loves me and had shown some level of willingness to make our relationship a permanent one.
I love him dearly because by his behaviour he has succeeded in making me come out of my shelf.
My only constrain is what and how he will feel if I disclose my health condition to him. Please assist me in this regard.

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Good morning Roseline,
It is no gain saying that what you feel is a normal thing felt by almost every adult in our society. You are a normal human being though you are living with HIV and as a normal person you would want to love and be loved.
Those your so called friends that deserted you at the time of your travail are not true friends and so you should not touch them with a ten meter pole.
Real love conquers all situations and I believe that if this guy truly loves you, he will always be there for you no matter the circumstance.
How long will you keep him away from this truth that may fly into his ears from another source? The time to tell him the whole truth is now and you should not hesitate to do so. If he leaves then he is not meant for you.
With proper medical knowledge people living with HIV get married and produce children free from the virus. Don’t be Lilly livered, this truth you are about to day maybe the one that will make you sing a new song, go ahead and say it, I am praying for you and God definitely will make a way for you.
It is well.