HardyIt’s a brand new year and I’m so glad to be sharing with us once again. 2011 no doubt broughtits pains and glories but I dwell in the glories.



2011 saw a new administration in our state and we also witnessed one of the most interesting electoral scenes this state has ever seen. His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha emerged governor. Congrats to Imolites.



Last year, Imolites soared higher in the entertainment industry. Genevieve Nnaji apart from all the successes of 2011 bagged a National Award, Chinedu Ikedieze deemed Imo State fit to be the place of birth of his bride.


On the side of music, we had Kelly Handsome, Neto C, Freewindz and others doing well in the area of hip-hop. They were on the national and international scenes, reminding people that there is a place like Imo state. Thanks to Kelly Handsome who would always say “ala owerri reprenting” I hail you. Back at home what happened, we had singles here and there and not really an album making a hit last year, but that wasn’t bad at all. De Dukes, Seaflow, General Sleezy, Southend, Red Loaf and othersreleased good singles in 2011.


Bongo music was not left out too, so much happened there and thanks to the people of this state who would never let this great culture die. Bongo music artistes in Imo State are becoming more popular than their hip-hop counterparts. And I applaud the likes of Owogiri, Sunny Bobo, Shama Melodies, Dr. Sir Foreigner, Arabanko and others for this feat.



Comedians did not miss out at all. They made sure that laughter and humor did not subside. With them around, we’ll always laugh to our satisfaction.


I will not also forget the efforts of the media in the promotion of the industry. Without them we would not have read or heard from the artistes, but just like the former gorvernor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim would say ‘Let’s do more”

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A lot also happened on the side of show promotion, talent hunt shows and the rest of them. Some were success, while others failed.


2011 Expectations


A man on the street said “one of my New Year resolutions is not to listen to bad music, I also resolved that I will not watch a bad movie”


This is a challenge for our artistes around, bring out nothing but the best this year and watch out what will happen. I am also looking forward to Genevieve Nnaji coming home for a movie to boost the talents in the state.


Won’t it be nice if Kelly Handsome features Seaflow, De Dukes, Red Loaf, General Sleezy or anyone around in the state. What promo would be better than this? A good general in the army is never known by his personal strength, but by the strength of his squad. Our generals in the fore-front please come home and build your armies here. You are in the right position to show the world what we have here.


The artistes, producers and record labels should see 2012 as a year to work together, and not another year for competition. This is one way we can succeed here.


And to the public, let’s change the way we do things here, let’s change the way we treat our artistes and the way we attend shows. If we don’t celebrate them, there is no way they’re going to be celebrities. Look beyond the background which you already know and see these people with the talents they have. When they’ll go international, the glory will be to Imo State, and this is a state we must build.


This year, I see artistes releasing albums that will be instant hits globally, no more singles syndrome, catch the album fever. I wish you all the best in 2012.