Former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere, has reached a significant milestone, celebrating his 60th birthday. As an entrepreneur and businessman, Madumere served as the Chief of Staff at the Government House before becoming Deputy Governor from 2011 to 2019.

Unlike many Deputy Governors who often remain in the background, Prince Eze Madumere distinguished himself through his commitment to fostering peace and tranquility in the state. His initiatives in oil-bearing communities brought stability and harmony, showcasing his expertise in crisis management. Under his leadership, no lives were lost in conflict areas, a testament to his effective and compassionate approach.

One notable achievement was his resolution of long-standing disputes between the Nigerian Bottling Company PLC and the Irete community. Additionally, Madumere pursued unfinished projects from previous administrations, such as the Fadama III (additional financing) and the Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP). RAMP aimed to provide over 400 kilometers of roads across Imo State. Unfortunately, political interference and mismanagement hindered the project’s full potential.


Despite these challenges, Madumere’s dedication to public service remained unwavering. As Chairman of the Boundary Commission, he skillfully managed disputes and prevented bloodshed through proactive negotiation and a deep understanding of statecraft.

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Madumere’s 60th birthday comes during a period of personal mourning following the recent passing of his beloved mother, Ugoeze Marlinda Chikanele Ulunma Madumere, who was laid to rest on June 28, 2024. As a result, his family and political associates have chosen a low-key celebration.

His current silence in state affairs has sparked curiosity and speculation. While no official reason has been given for his political hiatus, it is believed that irreconcilable differences with the current administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma may be a factor. The last time Madumere made headlines was when he took legal action against the state government for unpaid statutory remuneration and benefits.

At NewsTrack Nigeria, we celebrate Prince Eze Madumere’s 60th birthday, honoring his contributions to peace and development in Imo State. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.