Will Smith Reveals His Co-star on ‘Emancipation’ Spat on Him While Filming, Netizens Believe It’s Karma

Will Smith recently shocked the world by revealing that one of his Emancipation co-stars spat on him.

Daily Loud, a Twitter account that reports viral news, shared the report on their account with one million followers.

“Will Smith says he was spat on by a co-star while filming “Emancipation, said Daily Loud.

Even though Daily Loud shared no information about what caused the “humiliating” spit, people left comments speculating on what could have caused the act. Most people assumed that the spitting was part of the scene that Will had to perform. According to Insider, the spit was an impromptu spit that shocked Will when it happened.

Emancipation is based on slavery, and the Academy Award-winning actor’s dehumanising treatment was due to his co-star’s desire for realism. Netizens say Will Smith deserved the spit after Chris Rock’s Oscars slap

Online users were quick to point out that karma had worked in the comedian’s favour. Some people even brought Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith into the mess. Peeps claimed the spit was less dehumanizing than their marital problems. Peeps left the following comments: @WizFiasCole said: “Is this some sort of humiliation ritual for that Oscars thing?” @cantgetnoaol shared: “The day he filmed that scene must have been the same day he slapped Chris Rock. It all makes sense now.

Will Smith responds to threats to boycott his upcoming movie Emancipation after the Oscars slap

Will Smith has weighed in on some of his fans who are threatening to boycott his upcoming movie, Emancipation, because of the scandal that happened at this year’s Academy Awards. A recap for those who live under a rock – Will smith made headlines after slapping comedian Chris Rock across the face after Chris had made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. Fans said it is still too early for Will Smith to release any projects despite the fact that he apologised. According to Geo.TV, the After Earth star said he was having sleepless nights over the issue as other teammates may suffer the consequences of his actions.

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