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Imo Specialist Hospital Owerri Clears Air, Says Mgt, Staff In Good Working Relationship .As Nurses Flay Protest Report

Against perceived disaffection rocking the Imo State Specialist Hospital Owerri, the Management of the Hospital has come out boldly to clear all doubts surrounding activities and operation of the place.

It was recently reported by some State tabloids and Radio stations in Owerri about a perceived logger-ahead rocking the Management and the Staff.


Part of the reports making the rounds had it that Nurses working at the Hospital purportedly protested against an imposed 12 hours shift, in contrary to the normal 3 shift they used to practice.

Against this backdrop, the Management of the place, in a meeting held at the Board Chairman’s office yesterday, September 15, 2021, debunked the aforementioned claims.

Aside describing the claims circulated in some media houses as falsehood, the Board Chairman, Imo State Specialist Hospital Owerri, Dr Success Prosper stated that there has not been any protest in the Hospital, by any worker or staff.

He opined that the Management has done its best to carry all Staff along and in all its decisions that affects the staff.


Dr Prosper recalled that since October 6, 2020 the present Board took over the Management of the Hospital, they have done their best to put the welfare of the staff in front, which he said they are still working on till date.

According to the Board Chairman, they have managed to build up the capacity of the Hospital to what it ought to be, and to also bring up the Hospital to the level it should be.

“We have done our best since we came in by ensuring that all our clinical services are put in place. We have also done our best to ensure that issues of manpower, were all abridged”.

Dr Prosper while clearing the doubts surrounding the 2 shifts or 12hourly shift as erroneously conceived said;

“We are also looking at a situation whereby we change the norm and help ourselves, in order to bring out the best in us;


“Certain decisions have been taken, we have been test-running it, and if it is not yielding the kind of productivity we expect, we will not hesitate to go back to the status quo and make sure that the initial one yields the productivity needed”.

The Medical Chief pointed out that with the established working relationship between the Management and the Staff, all they need is a collective effort and responsibility, stressing that they are not leaving any stone unturned in setting the pace.

It was also disclosed that the 12 hourly shift is not just a policy for Nurses, but for both Doctors, Pharmacy, Laboratory and other departments.

“The shift duty is a policy of the hospital as approved by the Board. All the departments does shifting”.

Dr Prosper reiterated that if the new policy of 12 hourly shift becomes counter- productive to the reason it was propounded, the Board will not delay in reverting to the status quo, which will give the opportunity for a post mortem review about the 2 respective shifting pattern.

Even at that, he hinted that the 12 hourly shift is never new, as it is a globally recognized medical practice.

Speaking further on its merits, Dr Prosper averred that the 12 hourly shift will not only ensure productivity, but will also give the staff more time to rest and get energized for another session.

He added, “If the productivity is encouraging, we will adopt it, but if it is not, we drop it. There was no imposition of any sort”.

Furthermore, the Board Chairman exonerated the Management of salary discrepancy and impropriety as accused of.

He submitted that his administration has been transparent, explaining that salaries are paid by the State Government through the Treasury Single Account, TSA.

While maintaining on seeing to the welfare of the staff, very paramount, Dr Prosper beckoned on the Government to look into complaint of salary short-change and other necessary matter that may hinder effective operation of the hospital.

Responding on behalf of the Nurses, the Chairperson of the National Association of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, Mrs Echendu Justina. C. lampooned purveyors of fake news.

She insisted that the Nurses never did any protest nor had clue on how the information on 12 hourly shift went on air.

Mrs Echendu said, “I can’t say we have any problem, we are working harmoniously with the Management. Our cordial relationship here with the Management is commendable compared to other hospitals elsewhere”.

“We the Nurses are ready to work for the good and growth of the Hospital and ensure productivity, but we also need the Staff welfare fully covered”, she said.

Others present were; Onyenanu Ifeoma J, Dr Benjamine, Akakuru Christiana, Jude-Anosike Agatha U., Philip Ogechi C., Mrs Augusta Ohaegbulem, and the PRO.

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