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AMAA vs AMA Awards: the passionate, sentimental and clueless

by OtownGist

I just love Imo State for one thing – The sentiment, the passion and in most cases, how clueless some people can be.

This is not my business, but I think it is the duty of people like us in the media to make people see what is truly happening and not just bumping out one sided press release that speaks nothing but the content of a ‘principal’.

Even when people don’t get some things right, it does not mean they are complete idiots and it does not mean we will always celebrate when a brother in the game falls.


I want to say that AMAA and AMA Awards have no business and will never in the same league. As a teenager, I longed to hold the AMAA [African Movie Academy Awards] and now that I am here,  we heard about Africa Modeling Ambassadors’ Awards (AMA Awards), what is wrong with it?

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I can decide to run Arondizuogu Masquerade Association Awards, what will my crime be? Is it that the name of my beloveth home started with an ‘A’? or are we supposed to shut down Nigerian Bottling Company [makers of Coca Cola) because our government owns Nigerian Broadcast Commission which shares NBC with it?

One is AMAA, the other is AMA Awards and I don’t think anyone registered sound with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. The logos a different, same as the brand names and visions. One has been there and I can pride myself in the fact that this prestigious award belongs to an Imolite and a woman for that matter. Kudos ma’am.


I think it is time for bigger brand to let smaller ones thrive because the sky is too large for many stars, same as the ocean for many wales. It is always great to play politics and also to celebrate because a brand someone took time to build has crashed and most of us in the media have really picked our headlines with things that have nothing to do with the main issues.

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It is also so unfortunate for Prince Chukwu Roland Ogbonnaya, but one thing I believe is that if he ever makes it through this huddle, nothing can ever stop him again. The banner that was used by Kate Henshaw on Instagram was incomplete and it would be easy to call Africa Modeling Ambassadors’ Awards (AMA Awards) a scam. It would also be easy to say they are copying African Movie Academy Awards, because the part that has ‘Africa Modeling Ambassadors’ Awards’ has been cut off. Kudos to the smart person who suggested the stunt and also kudos to all who have been projecting a law suit.


I want to ask this simple question. Why would African Movie Academy Awards sue Africa Modeling Ambassadors’ Awards (AMA Awards)?
For using their name?
For using their logo?
For doing the same thing with them?
For holding the event in Imo State?
For using their website?
I still haven’t seen any right infringement, but I will surely blame Prince Chukwu Roland Ogbonnaya for not getting the consent of the celebrities before using their pictures on his banners. If there was really a law suit against anyone, the smart people involved in either sides would have published the letters from their various lawyers.

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It is now left for Prince Chukwu Roland Ogbonnaya, is to find a way forward for his brand and see what he can do to stay in the game because as it stands now, he is on the losing side. One of the best things to do is to issue a public/personal apology to the celebrities and see if he can build a personal relationship with them before the next thing. In my opinion, he suffered because he lacked that relationship.

I know some clueless and sentimental people in this issue will call for my head. I know some others who think I benefited from the event that failed to hold will say I am just doing my Job as usual, but one thing is certain, this is not the end of this story. More will still emerge.

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I call on my dear Imolites especially those in the media and entertainment industry to understand that it could be anyone tomorrow. The PULL-HIM-DOWN syndrome in us will never take us anywhere and until we learn that, ndewo nu.

Let us be very objective in our reasoning.

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike is the founder of otowngist.com, a writer and journalist. He writes from Owerri, Imo State. 08038704454



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