Dear Fuston,
Good afternoon, I am not a happy man and that is why I wrote to you, to see if you can in any way help me restore happiness in my life.
Sometimes I ask myself what life is all about without the necessary things that bring glamour to it.


I discovered first that I have low sperm count seven years ago when I attempted to marry a nurse who insisted that we must carry out laboratory test on ourselves. The tests eventually came out others were alright but the test on my sperm count proved that my sperm is low and cannot fertilize the egg of woman for her to be pregnant.
After one year of constant medication to correct this problem without success, this nurse told me that we cannot go ahead and marry. She is married now with three kids.
Since that time I have been taking medications but all proved non-efficacious.
Now, I have a pretty and well mannered lady who is ready to marry me without laboratory tests, but my problem is what will become of our marriage as per child bearing?
Do I keep this secret and marry her and probably tell her after our wedding?
What if I tell her and she takes a flight like the nurse?
I am 42 years thus not getting younger. Please assist me.
Bob from Imo State


Dear Bob,
How can you keep such vital health information secret to a woman you want to marry?
She will take it to mean that you deceived her if she finds out that you hide such problem away from her prior to your marriage.
No! I am of the opinion that you tell her about it before any plan for wedding commences. That will portray you as an honest man before her especially if she is good like you made me to believe.
Agony will be more if she discovers about this your health challenge after wedding. It is only in marriage that the whole truth is made known.
Secrets should not exist between any couple. There is nothing wrong in letting her know this.
Also note that procreation is a big component of marriage, but it is not the only reason why God ordained this institution.
If you have actually sought for good and quality health care in regards to your challenge, I praise you for this. Sometimes herbal and orthodox medicines have no answers to some human health problems.
Seek for divine healing more because it has all answers needed for all stubborn and terminal health problems.
Stop being worried, worry cannot solve you problem rather pray and fast.
Good wishes.