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Poem: It is time!

by OtownGist

Hundreds of years ago
We were in chains
Chains of oppression in our land
We were made captives in our land
But a time came
When our fathers took the bull by the horn

And marched to the battle field
They had gone to bring our morning to us.

Now our morning has come
There is wailing
For our land is covered with blood
Our mothers are now widows
Our children fatherless and orphans
Our daughters raped and in pain
Our sons dead
But the purity on the children’s face
Made our loses worth it
And so we decided to celebrate
Like the geats of the past

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The feast is over
It is time to purge our land
Of all the aftermaths of war
There is too much hunger in the land
Mothers are tempted to sell their infants
For a few cowries
And yet, our leaders are scrambling
To make their lots better

We have made it through all these years
And we are not about to give up
But the insurgence of the enemy within
Has complicated our case
Poverty is no longer our major concern
Living is now our priority
That we must fight to preserve
For like lambs we have been
Devoured in our hundreds and thousands
But like the eagle we must rise
And fight fiercely like the lion
For the blood of the innocent
Cries for vengeance
And our daughters cry out in the forest for rescue
 Our nation is in chaos, in need of law and order
Yes! They are our brothers
But they have rebelled
They have crossed the thin line
And now, we must remind them
That though blood is thicker than water
Oil is still thicker than blood

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By Chinaza Ikeagwuonu


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