Star Nite 9: Red Carpet of the ‘Best of the Best’

As the best of the best has come and gone, we present some pictures of entertainers and fans who rocked the red carpet of the event.
Being the 9th edition and tagged ‘Best of the Best’, Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite has proven that it has come to stay as a major event in Nigeria, with the quality of the event seen to be improving with every edition.

Below are the pictures for your eyes only.

Harmony and Vivada


Profingaz (l) and XP Joe(r)

XP Joe and Kozy

Nani Bars, Kozy, Hardy, Suspense Babani and XP Joe



Harmony, Queecy and


Vivada, Princessa and Treasure Gold

Sample, Jegz B and Queency

Princessa and Icz Money

Chika, Rosie Young, Jegz , Hardy and Princessa

 Otown Gist Crew at the event: Rosie Young Hardy and Chika,

Yoppy and Eizzy of Rydas with X-Buster (Middle)

Princessa, Seaflo and Jegz B


Posh Kayiana

Jegz B and Posh Kayiana

Princessa and Marvelous Benji

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