Acharaman may be good at thrilling his fans and friends with updates on social networking sites especially Facebook, until luck turned against him on Saturday October 26, 2013, when he updated ‘I’m missing my girlfriend’.


Hours after the update a Facebook, a friend by the name Jude Bonnison  commented “Hw is’t ma concern, eh achara, y must u guys update wot eva pleases u here, dia shud b restrictions oh, as justin bieber nih,if they ask u nw u’ll deny. Take time oh”
The attack did not end there as others sounded their displeasure on the quality of the status update  by the rapper cum singer who was placed at the third position on the list of most gifted  rappers posted in
“Rubbish talk Achara boy….grasscutter”
“why are u telling us”
“My guy make brains next tym….achara man why re u making this wack….go hang 4 wire if u the miss am”
“’l continue to miss her 4 as long as i want,,cus rite now,shez wit me..beat dat nigga!!”
“So u must announce on facebook, y did u nt call her n tell her??”
These are some of the comments on the status update which had about 24 comments as at press time.
Although some others tried to defend the Mbaise born rapper, but they were outnumbered by those who were attacking him.
The attack on Acharaman is a lesson to anyone aiming at becoming a public figure to mind what they say via social media.
It will be one of the days he will never forget on Facebook unless he comes out later to say that his account was hacked, just like others say.
Until then, the lesson has been learnt and so far, Acharaman has not responded to any of the comments.

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acharaman facebook

acharaman facebook