My boyfriend fights his parents




Dear Bro Fuston,
Something worries me so much and I felt I can share it with you.
I am into a relationship with a guy of 32 years and we have been dating for two years or more now. He graduated last four years without a permanent job and this has been troubling him more than anything.

I have been urging him to move on despite this unemployment challenge and he appreciates this encouragement from me.
I am different because I graduated last year at 24 and was employed at my father’s company here in Aba.
My problem with my boy friend is not unemployment because I know that someday employment will come, my only grouse with him is that he fights his parents and is ready to beat up any of them especially his father at the slightest provocation.
I noticed they pampered him while growing up as an only child, he was about 15 years when his immediate younger sister was born.
I love him and would want to change this behaviour about him, how do I do that?
Ukwunna from Aba.

Dear Ukwunna,
It is a taboo for a child to raise his hand on any of his parents.
Warn your friend immediately because he is heading to perdition, if his parents places a curse on him, he will suffer all the days of his life.
Let me also open your eyes to the fact that a man that beats up his mother can conveniently use his wife as a punching bag without any remorse, domestic violence and its consequences can be very grave.
It is his inability to control his tempers that make him fight his parents and one that cannot control his tempers is immature and not fit for any kind of relationship.
He is also inviting the wrath of God because God warned children to respect and obey their parents if they must live long here on earth.
You have a duty to make him imbibe and internalize virtue in respect and obedience to his parents rather than fight and beat them up.
Tell him to desist from this despicable behaviour or stop seeing you.
You can win him back to his parents and save him from an impending doom. Do this with love and meekness, if he repents good, but if he remains adamant then terminate whatever you share with him because he is a bad influence.
Be careful and have a lovely weekend.




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