Dear Bro Fuston,
Your column is always a delight, and I don’t miss it every Friday.
Pease, help me solve this problem. I have a boy friend who spends money on me anyhow, but right inside me I know I do not love him.


I must be very frank, this guy has done so much for me financially since about two years we have been friends.
I have been pretending to love him and have been playing along since time. 
Now he has asked me to marry him, my challenge now is that I cannot marry him due to the fact that I don’t love him and do not know how to tell him this.
Some of my friends are suggesting that I should boldly tell him to stop seeing me, but the truth is that I don’t have any reason to tell him that.
Tell me what to do about this issue, but bear in mind I don’t want to marry him, since I can’t develop love for him.
Ukachukwu in Owerri.

Dear Ukachukwu,
You treated this man with deceit and one law of this life is that whatever seed one sows that he will always reap.
We are right, if our conscience do not blame us, you can attest to the fact that your conscience is blaming you and that is why you cannot face this man to tell him that it’s over between you two.
You have made it clear that you don’t love and cannot marry him, needless persuading you to marry the one you start loving.
You said you have no reason to tell him to stop seeing you when you have mentioned that you do not love him, that is enough reason.
Go to him, quietly tell him that it will not work out between you two simply because you don’t love him.
You continue to deceive this man if you don’t tell him this now. Also beg him to forgive you of your deceitful act, beg God also for forgiveness.
Finally, bear in mind that what goes up must surely come down, every mistake has its adequate punishment. So act fast. 

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