Years back, when a single lady is pregnant and nothing is heard of her getting married as her belly protrudes, it is believed that she either knows nothing about who is responsible or the person has denied responsibility of the pregnancy, but today single ladies get pregnant because it is becoming a prerequisite for marriage.
Every gold coloured ring is now an engagement whether it was just bought along Douglas Road, Ekeonuwa market or from an ‘Aboki’ who is standing by the road side.

It does not matter where the ring has come from; it just has to be a ring that will fit into a finger of lady, an object other ladies will surely envy when they look at the fingers on her left arm.
Guys are no longer given the opportunity to deny responsibility of pregnancies, while to some extent these pregnancies have become a tool for the ladies to tie down their desire partner before he takes off for the next lady around.
This boils down to a popular saying  on the ‘street’ that ‘boys are not smiling’, but this time it is, ‘girls are not smiling’, and girls no dey carry last again.
The sad part of the whole thing is that when you judge the number of wedding cakes you will eat by the number of engagement rings you see on the fingers of these ladies, you end of wasting your mathematics sense because most of those rings are just frauds. You might end up eating from one cake out of every ten engagement rings you see, which is very poor especially for ladies in the campus.
They are fake jewelries worn by ladies to cover up for their pregnancies; they were never  bought by any man.
 Na wa oh!!! Girls are not really smiling.

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