Dear Bro Fuston,
Compliments of the season.
I am 32 years old seamstress that lives in Ibeku Umuahia.
There is serious pressure on me to marry my late younger sister’s husband. My sister died last two years during a child birth and left a son, their marriage only lasted for four years.
My brother-in-law is now asking me to marry him and my mother is pilling pressure on me to accept so as to take care of my sister’s son, instead of the husband bringing a woman from another place who will come in to maltreat the boy.

I have a man in my life whom I love but he has not indicated interest to marry me, and I see myself as not getting younger again.
Is my marrying my late sister’s husband a good option? Please, assist me to take the right step to avoid running into regrets.
God bless you for helping me.
Chimebere in Umuahia


Dear Chimebere,
There is nothing wrong in you marrying your late sister’s husband, but what I should letΒ  you know is that marriage is beyond sympathy. Marriage is for two people who feels something very strong for each other. It is a wrong idea for one to go into marriage because you want to protect the interest of your late sister’s son.
If your attention is centered on the boy only, there is no way you can please the man of the house and without your being aware, your less attention to the man will generate friction.
If you can develop pure love for this man then you can go ahead and marry him, but if not then wait for your love to show up on the stage.
The man should be your first attraction and the boy you can then treat as your own son. If it happens the other way round, mind you there is a bomb waiting for explosion.
God bless you too and Happy weekend.

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