Dear Bro Fuston,
You are a consolation to our generation, may God bless you abundantly.
My name is Chibuzor and I live in Owerri Municipal. I am a native of Nkume in Njaba LGA of Imo State. I am a furniture maker.
Please I want you to help me solve this problem which has been disturbing me for sometime now.


I am 40 years now, my first wife died while giving birth to a child five years ago and since then I have remained unmarried. Now I have seen a very young beautiful lady willing to marry me.
She is a graduate, very intelligent and respectful. We have known ourselves for one year now.
Recently, she showed me a mark on her tommy and told me that she once had a fibroid operation, since that time I became scared and have been asking myself why this beautiful graduate will accept me who is not a graduate and also a widower, if not for the simple reason that she cannot bear children anymore because of the operation.
What best thing do you suggest I should do? Go ahead and marry her or drop her?
Chibuzor from Owerri.

Dear Chibuzor,
I can’t advise you to move ahead or drop her. You know from the depths of your heart how much you cherish this lady.
If you think that her appearance and behavior are acceptable to you, then you two can go for some medical examinations and if you are certified fit you move ahead.
Procreation is one of the major reasons for marriage and a childless marriage comes with its own problems. So if you know that you cannot cope in your marriage without children then you can quietly explain to her to find another man that will love her the way she is. But let this be only after she has been certified barren.
I also noticed some inferiority complex in your line of thought.
Because you are a widower and probably a school certificate holder you tend to believe that the best cannot come to you. This is a wrong mindset. Better jettison this mindset before it ruins your chances of getting the best.
Besides, you can still further your education; you could still become a graduate. What are you waiting for? Start now before you know it will be over.
Be yourself at all times, it is well.Β Β Β