LMG has come out to say why he released the diss track, ‘Names of Noise Makers’ for the self proclaimed best rapper, Yung6ix.


The song which went online early this week was another release from the Imo State born rapper who is also the leader of the group, Go Tuff and he is saying that the release of the song is timely especially when someone is trying to pick a crown he is not worth wearing.
According to LMG, other rappers in the country who have done good jobs keep their shoulders down, doing what they can to sale records, but Yung6ix chose to disrespect rappers in the country by proclaiming himself the best.
“I have little respect for him as a rapper, but this is a game, if he thinks he is the best, it’s time to show it. Guys like Yung Roc, Lord Z and others did the same kind of song and I think  what he should do is to put up his creativity and show the whole nation that he is really what he said he is”
The diss tracks are reacting to Yung6ix’s recent tweet, proclaiming himself  the best rapper in the country a statement other rappers see as an insult to them because they don’t believe  he has what it takes to wear the crown he is designing for himself.
“I respect the likes of Modenine, MI, Phyno and others at that level and if this statement had come from one of them, I can listen to it, but for Yung6ix, no way! He can never be that guy from what he has done so far” LMG added.

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