How New Media Broad Awards will shape online communication

New Media is increasingly playing a key role in the messaging process of key players in business, government and at even private levels.

What used to be an appurtenance is now a necessity for brands that care about how they are perceived. While the use of these tools and forms of communication have become the norm for the most forward-looking organizations, it has become crucial to celebrate those who are not only doing it well but doing it differently without losing their brand essence.
We believe that recognizing excellence in the use of new media and digital communications today will help raise the ante in the industry for the future. We will be looking forward to celebrating the various entries into the 30 award categories of Broad Awards but most importantly, we will be looking forward to celebrating our people, our culture and our advances in the art of corporate, public and private communication on new media and digital communications.
The Nigerian digital communication and entertainment company, iBroad Group is proud to announce the launch of its award website for iBroad Group’s Broad Awards for New Media.
The platform will serve as a unique, user-friendly portal that’d be a digital desk for Broad Awards for New Media applicants. It would be an online communication platform for New Media mavens, newbies and afro-centric online media fans worldwide.
Over the years, the field of professional communication has experienced a significant change through new media communication, and this has become one of the fastest growing, innovative communication sub-sector for companies, institutions and organizations.
In order to advance excellence in the practice and deployment of New Media, to encourage an active exchange among practitioners, iBroad Group has launched an Africa-wide competition for excellence in online communication and social media on a practical level through the Broad Awards for New Media. It will be a fair, transparent and independent competition, with a high-level jury panel formed by leading practitioners who will rate superior online strategies, campaigns and social media tools from across Africa. Furthermore, the academia will for once be recognized in a mainstream award for the outstanding Bachelor and Masters’ thesis dealing with online communication.
To thrill consumers or employees requires a great deal of energy as well as ground breaking ideas. The influence of new media continues to grow, however mobile and viral communication, online events and competitions are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the Broad Awards for New Media has utilized this experience to create all the categories to meet up with the expectations of the general public, New Media enthusiasts and those with specific interests in the “war for talents” in this arena. We have implemented specific categories that will honour success in the field of online communication. We will honour outstanding achievements at an African level.We will particularly be interested in innovative communication campaigns and technologically outstanding projects that will be submitted to our jurors. Never before has the whole range of online communication been taken into account in a single award, uniting leading communication professionals.
We invite you to compete for the New Media Broad Awards. Become a proud winner of this prestigious award and celebrate your success with your peers. Submit your innovative projects and campaigns in a total of 30 categories online. We are looking forward to receiving your inspiring and pioneering work within the field of online communication.
For us at the iBroad Group, we believe the future is here, hence our excitement in the power and possibilities that could arise from the use of New Media and new tools of social and corporate communications. We believe that the introduction of the awards will usher in a new level of engagement, professionalism and excellence in the field. When we finally gather in Lagos for the awards, we believe that we will be hosting some of Africa’s biggest players in this field. It is time to show how much Africa can do, it is time to show how much Africa has indeed done. We are very much excited about these awards and we believe our excitement will reach new levels when we start receiving your nominations for the various categories.
Please email for enquiries and visit to nominate your choices. Welcome to the future of New Media, welcome to the frontier of change in Africa, let us celebrate the Broad Awards for New Media.




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