Dear Bro. Fuston
Goodafternoon, I am a girl of 18years and my worry is that my sister’s husband- to-be sleeps with me.
He tells me that he is sleeping with me to make me know the evils men commit against women and also to open my eyes to know everything about love making.


He has not performed any rite to show that he wants to marry my sister and for one day he has never touched her.
He started having sex with me two days after my sister introduced him to me as her husband-to-be.
I thinking he started liking me more than my sister and that is how we began sleeping together without my sister knowing about it.
I’m confused and unaware of what to do to stop him. Please what do I do to stop him from sleeping with me?
From Mbaise

Dear Chisom,
You are playing with fire and until you put it down. You should be ready to be hurt.
The guy that claims to teach you the evil men do is the devil himself. He is a predator who is capitalizing on your ignorance to exploit you sexually.
That guy is not in love neither with you nor your sister and if he is satisfied with his animalistic desire he will definitely dump the two of you like a trash in waste bin.
At 18 you are an adult and should know what is good for you. Why allow a man that is not your husband the use of your body? Don’t you know that fornication is condemned by man and God? If you must engage in it why must it be someone that your sister introduced to you as her husband-to-be? Do you know that your sister may not trust you again if she realizes that you are secretly seeing her man?
All you must know about sex, that you should learn in marriage because that is the only place sex is freely permitted by God and decent minds.
You can also get good books to teach you if you must know about it now. You goofed and it will be very preposterous if you continue sleeping with the animal that calls himself your sister’s husband-to-be.
That guy is out to ruin you and your future, he wants to bring an eternal enemy between you and your sister whom I think loves you to have introduced her friend to you.
Confront this sex pervase and boldly tell him that he is evil and that you are going to expose him if he fails to heed to your warning.
Your main concern now should be your future, may be to acquire the best of education and become some important person in the society.
Further association of any kind with the sexual predator will mar this future. Also find away to convince your sister that the guy in question is not the best man or her Mr Right.
Finally pray to God to forgive you this wickedness done to Him and your own sister.
Focus on your future and you will never regret it.
Becareful and don’t allow any man or even woman to use you as a sex toy any more.
Happy weekend

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