Dear Fuston,
I love my wife but I have discovered that she listens to a particular sister of hers sometimes against my instructions.
The two major problems I have had with my wife were caused by my sister-in-law.


The first being her relationship with a married politician who lavishes material gifts on her. Sometimes the randy politician comes to my house to pick her up and I have warned my wife not to let that happen again but instead she told me that she will not chase her sister away because she is dating a married man.
I battled that and I wouldn’t know if they have stopped using my house as a meeting point because I hardly stay at home except in the evenings.
The one I am facing now is that she takes my wife out and they sometimes return in the night, this has been going on and I do not trust that she is not involving my wife in her perverse life-style.
I have been having very serious problems with my wife over this and she has insisted that she cannot disown her blood sister because she is married to me.
Advise me on what to do.
Camson in Owerri.

Dear Camson,
Your situation is a dicey one, but you must take a stand to ensure your marriage succeeds.
There is no gain saying the fact that your wife’s younger sister has a negative influence on her. So you must salvage your marriage and the sister in-law in question by stopping this illicit relationship.
Your wife is helping her sister destroy other homes by her subtle encouragement. Ask her if she will feel alright if she is the wife of the randy politician.
Besides, your own home may be up in flames if you fail to call your wife to order now.
Explain to her the dangers of aiding and abetting evil.
Distrust is not good for your marriage and until you make her comprehend this, you may not achieve the desired goal.
What I am saying in essence is that you must bring your wife to know the danger of keeping a bad company no matter who the person is to you.
You should also not lose sight of the fact that you must talk to your sister in-law to desist from continuing on the wrong path. She is not your biological sister but by law she is your sister in as much as you are married to her sister. She deserves to know if she is ignorant of the dangers of what she is doing.
Act now before it is too late.