G-Fams Unisex Complex has just opened in Owerri, Imo State to become the number spot for every beauty care that has to do with hair and body.

With top notch facilities and qualified personnel to render high quality services, G-Fams Unisex Complex is available to handle the needs of all genders when it comes to Manicure, Pedicure

Barbing, Massage, Teeth Whitening, Waxing, Body Wash, Haircut, Hairdressing and Lip Care.


Located at the first floor of Plot 272 Ikenegbu Layout Owerri, the business of looking good has now become easier for people who do not joke with it. 

The services beyond being at the next level are delivered by individuals whose only goal is customer’s satisfaction.

Pedicure and Manicure

This has nothing to do with gender and everyone is supposed to look good. You deserve the treat from G-Fams Unisex Complex. 

This is one of the services at the spa section and one place you get to receive that pampering care you deserve.



A good massage needs  a number of things to make it worth it. You need to be sure you are in good hands and that is where this brand comes in. 

If you need that soothing touch that will make a lot of difference for you, this is where to be. 

Another important thing to note if you need to get a massage in the city of Owerri is that you need to do it in the right environment, where the offerings are more than being touched, but you get to relax and enjoy the essence and value of your money.

Hairdressing Salon

Weaves, braids, locks and every other hairstyle will never be an issue again in Owerri with G-Fams Unisex Complex in town.

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You need a salon that offers comfort, quality services and customer satisfaction. That is why this is your best spot.


Haircuts/Barbing Salon

Males and females need good haircuts. With the people of Owerri being very stylish, it is important to note that you will be needing nothing but the services that meet every class to deliver that very haircut you dream of.

G-Fams Unisex Complex has all it takes to deliver as there both individuals and machines alway available to do their parts to ensure your style moves to another level.

Teeth Whitening

White teeth are a big joy to the owner as it gives you both internal and external confidence at all points.

Getting a good place for teeth whitening service is something you don’t need to worry so much about now in Owerri, as G-Fams Unisex Complex has arrived in Ikenegbu.

Waxing, Lip Care and Body Wash

These services are valued to only those who know it. While a lot of people print flyers about what they cannot do very well, this brand is different.

Needing a good place to do Waxing and Body Wash in Owerri should never be a problem again as G-Fams Unisex Complex has arrived in Ikenegbu.

Visiting and Contacting Us

The location is easy (CLICK HERE FOR MAP LOCATION), as it is close to a number of popular landmarks in Ikenegbu Layout Owerri.

G-Fams Unisex Complex is close to Maris Junction on one side and Fidelity Bank on the other side.

It is located at the First Floor of Plot 272 Ikenegbu Layout, Ikenegbu Owerri, Imo State.

Phone line for booking and reservation 08156322124  

Email: info@gfamsglobalenterprises.com

Website: www.gfamsglobalenterprises.com