Dear Bro. Fuston,
I ran into her at a motor park. She was on her way to her village in Abakaliki. We got talking: her English Language was bad, she lied to me first about her name and what she does, but when we got engrossed in our discussion she opened up and told me that she hussles for a living: that is, she is a commercial sex worker.


She told me this when I asked her to be my friend and she said no, letting me know that I maybe disappointed at last if we become friends and I happen to know the kind of job she is into.
My spirit told me she is a child of circumstance and that is why she finds herself in a brothel. Critical examination of her shows me that she is not the typical money for hand back for ground ladies.
She was carrying drugs meant for her old widow mother who was having a severe eye problem. She is the first daughter and breadwinner of the family of three, herself, the mother and younger sister who is in the village with the sick old woman.
I have known her for about seven months now and have followed her home in one occasion to see things for myself. Indeed they are suffering and need help.
I really want to help this 24-year-old girl out of prostitution but for now my means is little. How do you think I can achieve this feat?
Uwandu in Imo State.


Dear Uwandu,
Your idea of assisting people in need is a good one. I hope you have not had carnal knowledge of this lady, because it is not good for you to do so.
Prostitution is not a better alternative to joblessness, frustration, poverty, abandonment and the rest. The dangers are grave.
You can assist her move into a meaningful venture that can still help her win enough bread for the family. Your meager resources may not be an adequate excuse.
Remember giving is best acknowledged by man and God, when it is done not out of plenty.
Doing that is like working in God’s vine yard, and there is a great reward for people who see the need to make themselves available tools for God’s use.
Plan it and carefully execute it and you will end up giving your life and that of others a meaning.
You must do this urgently to save her from the perils and regrets associated with the odd profession.
She needs proper rehabilitation if you succeed in bringing her out of the brothel. If you cannot do this, then you refer her back to me. Thanks for lending a hand. God bless you.