It will surely be a clash of ‘Princessas’ as the two ladies bearing the name ‘Princessa’ are set to meet face to face in front of a camera where every feeling shown will be seen by the public.


Earlier at the 6th edition of Star Nite, Princessa of Zanders FM said she will never have any problem with the other Princessa as long as they are not doing the same thing and in a world where ladies are often characterized with jealousy and fight for dominance, what are we to expect when the Princessa duo come face to face on Friday night at the red carpet of Star Nite 7 where one will be acting as host and the other a guest at the event.
Rivers State born Princessa, who will be performing her single ‘Dance for me’ which was released recently alongside the video spoke, saying she cannot wait to meet the other Princessa.
“It will be so much fun to meet her and it will surely be like meeting a sister from another mother.
I know we are different people with same name and I haven’t met her in person despite all the stories about us online and on newspapers, but it will surely be a great experience at the red carpet, having her as a host when I will be going on”
She also believes that the award winning radio presenter has done so much to earn her place as the host on Star Nite red carpet show and the accolades from her fans are not acts of hype but what she deserved.
“She is unique from what I have heard about her and no matter who is hosting, she will never change her style, which is good for a young lady who wants to make a mark in the world of presenting” she added.
Princessa is tipped to perform ‘Dance for me’ and she would the relishing the experience in sharing the stage with other stars on the list come Friday, August 30, 2013 at Valencia Lounge Owerri.

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