No one would actually believe that the boy on the picture will turn out to be a great rapper.
A look at the picture.


Thank God they are coloured, meaning his childhood saw modern technology.
His stockings makes him look like he would be going in for a football match after the picture, maybe we all took that kind of picture.
His graduation gown will remind you of Harry Porter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
And his smile is showing two things shining like diamonds in the sky.
With the background of the picture, I refused to conclude that Redloaf’s school was in a ‘building made with roofing sheets’ and you can also see the way the wall were painted. This guy don tee for street oh
Can we still find the design of his shoes in the market?

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Note that so much has change about this young man who has become a great rapper as you can see up there.
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