Rapper Romy is at it again after trending with his last single ‘my Oga’, a mockery of the unfortunate NSCDC boss, who fumbled during an interview at Channel TV. He has titled his next single O’town [Ebemsi], showing how proud he is to be coming up from the city of Owerri.


Although so many artistes have traded along that path without much success, Romy believes he is the man to go beyond the boundary of success and failure in the industry with that title.
“My producer did a wonderful job on the beat and the delivery was worth the whole effort. I’m not really the guy to be blowing my trumpet and can only wait for the song to be released so that people out there can pass their judgment.
The title is not a new thing and I am aware that so many people have either named their songs Owerri or O’town, but I believe that I am the man to break through the boundaries of not getting songs known around the nation.
Of all the songs I have recorded, I would prefer to make O’town’s video my first.” Romy said.
Romy hopes to release the song which is still receiving finishing touches in the next coming weeks, believing it would really be a massive one for him.