Need for more buildings in ALvan

As the days roll by, the environment begins to fill with beings (people, students or should I say everybody). The whole place gets congested; the classes filled with students and lecturers on their daily business.

No place for me to sit and have decorum except the library. I ask myself “what is happening in this place? Why is everywhere saturated? I wonder if the students spring like mushroom. Well, the question is not for me to ascertain the apt answer. I think the administration should know what to do, either to build more structures to accommodate the leaking population or… I don’t know what else to say but I think something should be done to combat this issue before it starts to affect the whole environment or is it already affecting it?
Though new structures are being erected in the college, I don’t think they are enough to tackle this issue. I can see another building in its infancy. It appears to have a very large foundation meaning  the capacity will be a sigh of relief to the college. Old classrooms are being renovated ranging from the roofing to the seats, to the painting. It appears education is becoming more conducive in Alvan.
It is note worthy to commend the dean school of Arts for his immeasurable efforts. The digital dean as he is called must have a wonderful foresight to have made the school of arts one of the best and vibrant schools in Alvin community.
The school of arts is one of the schools in the college to that own a 1,000 capacity auditorium and has maintained the clearest and most beautiful environment in the college. The Provost Dr. Mrs B. Ijeoma should also be acknowledged for her support.
Let me end on the note that Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education needs more space to build and educate the future teachers of the coming generation. As it is known as one of the best or should I say the best college of education in the South East, it should be sustained in any way necessary to maintain this Gloy.

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