The season 4 of Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite came with lots of fun loaded in it and it was so obvious that the event has come to stay with an all round improvement in both organization and stage management.


Aside the fun from the performances, there were also those moments when scenarios were created in the middle of a performance just like in the last edition when Eedris Abdukareen got a kiss from a female fan who ran upstage and Selebobo spilled the Champagne of a guest while showing off his overflowing energy.
Dj DCT kicked off the event on the steel wheels, ushering in Freelance, one of the producers who was billed to perform that night. He came on with a style that shows he is really a producer, showing off songs that has the kind style and swag most artistes would never want to add to their tracks.
Freelance also performed his latest single ‘Just me’ and artistes like Gentle and others were on stage with him.
Next was D7 whom for a reason unknown to me, Google refused to say much about him. D7 who has been in the industry for a while now proved that experience is worth a hundred days fresh artistes will be spending learning the act of stage performance. He took over from Freelance to make sure that the tempo on the stage does not go down.
The second producer for the night was Reflex Soundz and our guess was right on him. He had been on stage with Seaflo on the first edition and coming back would mean he would be adding so much to his previous display which was exactly what he did. Reflex performed ‘Oga at the top’ with Profingaz; ‘Oku abiala’ with XBusta and ‘Gbawa arabank’, ‘man no be God’ with Seaflo. He had one of the best performances with a tongue twisting rap speed that made people say ‘This guy is wasting as a producer!”.
It is his choice anyway, but Reflex has got talent.
Dj DCT’s Era came to an end when the only dancer for the night, Mimi came on stage. She was dressed for the night, thrilling the crowd with the rhythmic movements of her body.
MC Ckucky came on with his colleague to thrill the crowd, producing one of the most hilarious moments when he opted to sing a love song for O’town Gist’s Ugochi but ended up singing a burial song for her.
After jokes, he went on to dance as well as remix popular songs in the most funny ways any one could do them.
Dj Cue finger Took over the wheels with his first artiste being the third producer for the night, Kasablanka who performed a track which would be categorized as hip-life (a fuse of hip-hop and high life), explaining the reason for the way he dress.
Kasablanka who still holds the record of the tallest entertainer in the Imo state and its environs, played a father figure in a music drama he produced featuring rappers Redloaf and Angel D, making her the only female artiste that came on stage for the night.
The chorus of the song will still ring on people’s mind “I no come, you no come, pikin come, how come? Upon say I wear….” Abeg when that song the drop?
Kasablanka left the stage for M.V.C.C.C.D crew led by rapper Dawn Tawn. They (DawnTawn, Lorenzo and Tusky) came on with the hit track ‘One jeans one shoe’ after which they performed ‘Boss life’.
It was time for rappers to collide as LMG came on stage to perform a track which is yet to be released ‘Boys must blow” alongside DawnTawn, making way for other members of the crew to return for Leronzo’s freestyle.
Skutch was next performing yet another moving track ‘Ibonge’. What does that even mean? We just have to wait until the song is released later this month.
He also performed ‘I don make money’ and none of these tracks let the standard of the show down.
Enugu state based Nonny D was up next, performing his verses on Acharaman’s ‘Sherikoko’ and Redloaf’s ‘marriage material’. He holds the record of being the only artiste to take two different girls upstage with the second being O’town Gist’s Ugochi who also attracted MC Chucky.
If that girl was my wife, she will never be on the front row at Star Nite again because that just happened the third time. Beauty can’t be hidden.
Nonny D performed ‘Shade’ and ‘Off the ground’ before leaving the stage for MC Adviser who held the crowd down with jokes while Freestyle stepped out for the performance that made the biggest headline for the night.
He got a standing ovation from a good number of the crowd, but was disappointed when U-zone stopped him from taking his wife E-berry upstage.
Many said U-zone let the former Tribes men rapper down, while others said he got what he (Freestyle) deserved.
I don’t know what he deserved because in showbiz, ‘The uglier the better’ and I heard someone wants to throw that video on Youtube. Please don’t oh.
Freestyles performance was enjoyed by everyone despite the little side attraction, just watch out for what the rapper said after his performance.
From the little ugly scene to the performance by the man who recently played a lead role in ‘rumour’ where he was alleged to have impregnated a secondary school girl.
Although Kozy denied being involved in a thing like that, he promised to redeem himself with his Star Nite performance as well the quality of his debut single with the hope of wooing back his girlfriend who left him in the middle of the saga.
He carried on from the high tempo left by Freestyle when he performed ‘Shiver’ a single that was being released online the moment he was performing.
He also performed ‘Club magician’ and only the crowd could say if he redeemed himself. To me he did.
Kozy performed with DJ Sly on the wheels.
Rayce took over from Kozy to put up a performance that will surely make top five for the night. He performed ‘Roll’ and ‘baby go gaga’ sending the crowd to the gaga world.
Da Brain stepped into Rayce’s shoes, maintaining the tempo till Baseline Soldiers wrapped up the event.
It was a wonderful night, thanks to God almighty, there was no rain.

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Reflex and ProFingaz


Reflex and Xbusta

Reflex and Seaflo




MC Chucky sing for Ugochi

MC Chuky and Colleague

Tall Kasablanka

Kasablanka, Angel D and Redloaf

Dawn Tawn

CCD all the way: Lorenzo, DawnTawn, Tusky

LMG and Dawn Tawn performing Boys must blow

Skutch the Ibonge master

Nonny D

Nonny D getting real close

Nonny D and Ugoci

What is he telling her?

MC Adviser


Kozy performing Shiver

DJ Cue Fingers

Rayce on the ‘Roll’

Deejay Saquo

Dj Sly

Da Brain

Baseline Soldiers wrapped up the event