Dear Bro Fuston,
I thank you for providing this means for individuals like me to share our problems.
I began seeing pornographic materials at the age of 17. I first saw a naked man together with a woman making love, a particular day I went into a room being occupied by an uncle , my father’s youngest brother, who only came to be with us to complete a course on maritime then in Lagos.


Now I am 23 years old, and no day passes by without my viewing one pornographic material or more, for me it’s now a routine, and I am beginning to get worried.
Sometimes it causes me to masturbate and at other times I just watch pornographic materials to feel relaxed.
Majority of my friends in school watch it and I think it has not stopped me from making good grades especially since I entered Imo State University (IMSU).
I also noticed that my elder sister before getting married was watching nude films and pictures, but today she is happily married with kids.
My uncle that got me thinking about the whole thing is successful in his filed. I have some guys that enjoy seeing porn like me and they are not a disgrace to their families and the society.
Recently, I had someone said that pornography will ruin one’s future. He gave instances on how it could ruin one’s career.
I want you to tell me how this simple act can spoil my future.
Truly speaking, my worry for constant watching of porn heightened when this fellow said this.
Please, while publishing my question, only use my first name, do not add the others.
I am waiting for the reply of my mail. God bless you a million times

Dear Chidumaga,
You must know that whenever an activity dominates thinking, and the person compulsively responds unable to carry out normal activities due to such thinking, it has become an obsession. This leads to addiction and it is important for you to know that addictions usually ruin careers.
A porn addiction can grab either a young man or a woman, and hold him or her in its grips for the rest of his or her lives.
From the picture you painted, you are already addicted to nude materials. Sincerely, you are by this act fast tracking the destruction of your own bright future.
You are prompted to masturbate after seeing erotic pictures and you think that you are emotionally stable. You are not aware that such behaviour takes your focus away from God.
Also note that pedophiles, that is, those who sexually molest children, engage in this vile act sometimes after watching sexually explicit videos or books. The same also goes with rapists.
Pedophilia and rape can land someone in a mess that could destroy the person’s future.
Your sister and your careless uncle are not worthy examples. So you must not toe their path. Quickly jettison the thinking that they are okay.
Pornography is like heroine and tobacco. The two grab their victims and take over their lives. The habit is difficult to break.
Erotica fills one with โ€œmiseducationโ€ and robs him of the ability to develop a healthy sexual relationship within the bond of marriage.
Get determined today to put your future into the right footing by rejecting pornographic materials of any sort, be it on the net, videos, books, magazines etc.
Make friends with God’s children and preoccupy yourself with church activities. Fill your mind with things that can elevate you spiritually, pray constantly and detach yourself from friends or anybody that could make you go back to this amorous lifestyle.
God bless you.

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