Bro Fuston,
I am 35 years old. The challenge I have now is getting my lost rib. Who could she be?
My father is much eager to witness my wedding, likewise some people who know me.
My problem now is that I just established a business firm about a year plus now. I am still nursing the business to grow, moreover, my income is minimal.


I need a woman who will add value to my life, that is why I decided not to go for somebody who is still in school or who is about to enter.
What in your opinion do you want me to do in this situation?
Emeka from Owerri.

Dear Emeka,
Your mail came not quite longΒ  ago, but I felt obliged to reply it urgently because so many men in our clime are having the same problem.
Many think that they need all the wealth in the world before they start talking about marriage. The truth is that you must start somewhere, often times it is advisable to start little.
I am happy that you have a business you are working hard to grow. The saying that behind every successful man there is a woman is true. Find out almost 94 percent of wealthy and fulfilled men owe their successes to their wives.
There are some nice working class spinsters that will assist you succeed spiritually, physically and materially. It may not be good for you to take a liability as a wife now that you are growing a business but that does not mean you cannot find an articulate working class lady that can pair with you adequately.
The woman that will help you grow and add value to your life may not be the prettiest.
You can find this type of ladies in our churches, communities, cooperate world, etc.
Yes, at 35 years, you are mature to have your own wife, but take your time in this search, don’t rush, be careful and allow time make you understand the behaviour of your would be wife, knowing your compatibility is very integral in the institution of marriage.
It is actually in your powers to find your missing rib, but God can still direct you on the way to go if you bring Him into this search, so constantly speak to God for His guidance.
Don’t despair, that your small business today is at the threshold of becoming a multi-national business empire tomorrow, if only you can be patient and painstaking in finding the right woman.
Happy weekend.